Wednesday, March 16, 2011

R.I.P. Nate Dogg

Nathaniel Dwayne Hale (August 19, 1969 - March 15, 2011)

The greatest hook man in Hip-Hop history. Nate was one of the cornerstones of the early Death Row run & along with Dr. Dre, Snoop, Warren G & the rest of Death Row's roster, helped the label establish their own brand of gangster rap, the aptly titled "G-Funk". With his satin smooth delivery & humorously explicit lyricism, Nate Dogg influenced a slew of imitators (Yeah Butch Cassidy. YOU!) & was the blueprint for today's crop of featured crooners. There'd be no T-Pain, no Akon, or any of the dozens of cats who came on the scene in the years after if it wasn't for Nate making it cool to sing gangsta shit.

That whole Death Row movement was part of the soundtrack to my high school years & singing along to Nate Dogg's part on "Ain't No Fun" always throws me back to those days. Matter of fact, singing along with Nate Dogg on any song can't help but elicit a smile. It just feels good. His health problems in recent years have been well known but I always thought he'd eventually recover & hoped he was able to get back to doing what he does best. Just another example of why we shouldn't take anything for granted because nothing is promised to us.

R.I.P. Nate Dogg
"Nobody does it better..."

BTW - Nate shares the same B'Day as me & my Moms. Leo's rule!

Tribute To Nate Dogg - The Best Hooks In The Game (mixed by matic)

[01] Str8 West Coast Remix
[02] Time’s Up
[03] Like This
[04] Here Comes Another Hit
[05] Space Boogie
[06] Can’t Deny It
[07] Multiply
[08] The Streets (Re-Twist)
[09] Never Enough
[10] What We Do
[11] MLK
[12] Gangsta Nation
[13] The Set Up
[14] Area Codes
[15] Yo’ Sassy Ways
[16] Thugs Get Lonely Too
[17] Too Much
[18] Where I Wanna Be
[19] Warriors Part 2
[20] I Need A Bitch
[21] Lay Low
[22] A L’Ancienne
[23] The Hardest Mutha Fuckaz
[24] 100 Miles And Runnin
[25] Shake That
[26] Smokin Smokin Weed
[27] Holiday
[28] Can’t Be Faded
[29] Ghetto Millionaire
[30] What We Gonna Do
[31] Connected
[32] My Name Is
[33] So Fly
[34] Look In My Eyes
[35] Xxplosive
[36] Real Soon
[37] Hey Y’all
[38] Boss Life
[39] Bitch Please II
[40] Him Or Me
[41] Real Pimp
[42] 21 Questions
[43] From Long Beach 2 Brick City
[44] Bitches Ain’t Shit
[45] Have A Party
[46] Somebody Like Me
[47] ‘Till I Collapse
[48] Been A Long Time
[49] Ooh Wee
[50] Oh No
[51] Black Mercedes
[52] The Next Epsiode
[53] Nobody Does It Better

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