Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cam'ron & Vado - "Girls Cry" (Video)

Killa Cam & V Twizzy flex their acting chops in this clip for "Girl's Cry" (araabMUZIK on the beat) off of the Gunz & Butta LP slated to hit stores April 19th. I keep telling cats, yall sleeping on Cam & Vado. This is that Come Home With Me/Diplomatic Immunity wave right here! Everything I've heard so far is fire & "Hey Muma" (which gets a preview at the end of this clip) & "We All Up In Here" are gonna have radio locked this spring. Watch.

Just a Thought: So that's Cam & Vado, Spitta & Alchemist's Covert Coup & Smoke DZA's THC all in the span of two days? I'm getting my headstash together right now, cause 4/20 is already sounding phenomenal.


hl said...

I can dig this. Cam's girl in this video is gorgeous.

AmpGeez said...

Cam has a girl in the video?

All I saw was an ass with legs.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said...

I don't think "6 Foot, 7 Foot" or "If I Die Today" are bad songs & for any other artist, they'd be impressive. But these are Lil' Wayne singles & in comparison to his past music, there's something missing. The energy is different. I'm all for sobriety, but I kinda miss the maniacal, syrup sipping Lil' Wayne that effortlessly devoured any instrumental placed in front of him. I wonder if he'll be able to recapture that spirit without the double Styrofoam cups.

It's true man. I think it's the unpredictable nature of his lyrics, and the fact that his flow/delivery doesn't sound as effortless and nonchalant as it was before jail. The bars are alright but as good as they are at times they aren't really Wayne's best skill. Wayne's all about personality and delivery.

Anonymous said...

Put that Labba Vid nigga!! Fuck buster

Anonymous said...

Put that Labba Vid up nigga!! Fuck buster