Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lil' Wayne feat. Cory Gunz - 6'7" (Produced By Bangledesh)

"Just Think A 2010 Version Of A Milli...But On Steroids"

The mere fact the Lil' Wayne machine has been trying to convince me the first glimpse at Lil' Wayne's next LP, Tha Carter IV was gonna be "A Milli" on HGH, I was immediately skeptical. Industry Rule #4080. But when I heard talk of Young Money/Cash Money's latest signee, Cory Gunz being involved peaked my interest. Especially seeing as how young Gunz "renegaded" Weezy on his own shit last time out, so much so the "Powers That Be" decided to strip Cor's vocals from the track and abandon the initial approach they had for the record.

Well yesterday the semi anticipated single hit the internets & after listening to it a buncha times, the "A Milli" comparisons are apt, right down to the hyperactive, sample driven production by Bangladesh (who's apparently squashed his beef with Cash Money over unpaid Tha Carter III royalties). This being Wayne first official single post Rikers vacation, the talk is some of the lyrics were actually penned while Wayne was behind bars and for those looking to see some signs that the "Martian" has fell off, you won't find em here. Although Wayne's verses on 6'7" lack the manic focus shown on "A Milli", Wayne is still one of the best at effortlessly making scatological randomness sound like the gospel. Peep...

"Real nigga all day and tomorrow
But these muthafuckas talking crazy like they jaw broke
Glass half empty, half full, I’ll spill ya
Try me and run into a wall, outfielder
You know I’ma ball ’til they turn off the field lights
The fruits of my labor, I enjoy ‘em while they still ripe
Bitch, stop playing, I do it like a king do
If these niggas animals, then I’ma have a mink soon"

But the real gem on this track is Cory Gunz, who after the debacle with "A Milli" is back for redemption and proves last time wasn't a fluke as he outshines his host one mo' gin...

"Word to my mama, I’m out of my lima bean
Don’t wanna see what that drama mean, get some Dramamine
Llama scream, hotter than summer sun on a Ghana queen
Now all I want is hits, bitch, Wayne signed a fiend
I played the side for you niggas that’s tryna front and see
Son of Gunz, Son of Sam, you niggas the son of me"

Tha Carter IV campaign has begun & I'm onboard.

Well played Mr. Carter.