Saturday, October 31, 2009

"First The Fat Boys Break Up...

...Now Every Day I Wake Up, Somebody Gotta Problem Wit Hov"

So if you haven't heard by now, Beanie Sigel "dissed" Jay-Z with a new track, the eloquently entitled, What You Talkin' Bout.

Now there were rumblings that Beans had sent a shot at Hov during Philly's Powerhouse show last week but it seemed pretty benign to me and knowing Hip-Hop's lust for blood, I kinda glossed over it and chalked it up to overactive bloggers. But last night on DJ Kay-Slay's Drama Hour show on Hot97, Slay dropped the Beanie "dis" and it was all but confirmed. Now, compared to dis tracks of the past, this is far from Ether. But I don't think it was intended to be that. More notable then the actual rhymes is the nearly 3 minute rant which close out the track. Some quotables....

"This aint a diss record, this a real record
How does it feel to get exposed, don't you feel naked?
I was the fly on the wall ….witness,
I can say things that can make B look at you different"

"I'm a grown ass man, I don't sit on nigga's laps
And I ain't lookin' for no gifts outta Santa Claus sack"

"But the rapper Shawn called the police on me
Cause I was front row at the Blueprint 3
Sheesh, I just wanted to see him MC and reminisce when we were the R.O.C
But he called on the C.O.P., not only that but he brought in the F.E.D.,
So that's telling me eff you Sieg, so eff you two and eff Bleek three"

"I was the realist thing that happened to the ROC...I brought the fellas to Roc-A-Fella, Hot97, State Property, y'all remember that"

"And you’ll never go to jail again, cause you knew I would shoot ain't fear for war cause Sig was in the field"

"When you got love for a Mutha***** it don’t go away that easy See, many people gonna walk in and out your life but only real friends leave footprints on your heart, dog. But I think yours is fading in the sand. And that's real rap."

"The richest man ain’t the one with his first dollar dog, its the one who still got his first friend, Roc-A-Fella for life, It's The Roc!"

I can't convey the emotion Beanie displays in his mini rant. You can hear the pain and disappointment in his voice. shortly after the song leaked, Beans called up Charlamagne Tha God on 100.3 The Beat in Philly to clarify things and during the conversation, he makes a number of allegations. It's definitely worth a listen.

My take on this whole thing?

Beans got caught up in the Jay-Z/Dame Dash split and Dame used him as a pawn, positioning Beans as one of the label's franchise players after Jay-Z eventually left the label. But we know how things actually ended up. Jay kept Roc-A-Fella and Dash ended up getting the boot. Now this is all speculation, but I think Jay saw what was going on and had already started to back away from Sigel. Being that Dame was so ingrained in Beanie's buisness and with the rift between him and Jay already there, naturally he sided with Dame, at least initially. But soon Sig saw how Dame was in his pockets and eventually got back together with Jay and Roc-A-Fella for the release of The Solution, which under performed. I guess after seeing Beanie's sales decline and having grown tired of his repeated parole violations and subsequent jail stints, Hov decided to sever his relationship with Sigel on a buisness level....and apparently on a friendship level as well.

Ultimately, Beans is just another on a long list of people Jay-Z has worked with/befriended and later disposed of for whatever reason. Jay-Z stans will immediately deflect and say Beans should feel more anger towards Dame, but that still doesn't address his issues with him. Sure, you can take the stance that it's all buisness and Jay-Z was just handling his, but there are parts of the story where with all the camaraderie and brotherhood they displayed in public and on record, you'd think Jay would've handled certain situations differently. But then again, considering his past and the amount of similar tales, I can't say I'm really surprised.

It's late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and I'm really writing in auto pilot right now so more on this topic later...

Wale feat. Chrisette Michelle - Shades

Wale feat. Chrisette Michelle - Shades(Produced By 9th Wonder)

I'm not the biggest fan of Wale, the "persona", but every now and then he'll make a song which makes me believe he's worthy of some of the love he receives. Shades is one of those songs. On it, Wale describes how his immigrant upbringing shaped a somewhat skewed view of color and race and the way he's able to relate his unique experience being Nigerian and insecurities without being overly melodramatic (ahem, Drake, ahem) makes him almost sympathetic, which for Wale is a tall task. Attention Deficit (Nov. 10th) looks like it might actually deliver as promised.

Just A Thought: 9th is killing em right now.

Gucci Mane feat. Lil' Wayne, Jadakiss & Birdman - Wasted (Remix)

Gucci Mane feat. Lil' Wayne, Jadakiss & Birdman - Wasted (Remix)

After a couple of failed attempts, we finally get the official remix to Gucci Mane's Wasted and it definitely improves on the OG. Wayne kinda mails in his auto-tune enhanced verse (maybe because he already killed this track on No Ceilings), but everyone else turns in a decent performance (Yeah, even Birdman), especially Kiss...

"Duffle bag double up, big faces
Tony Montana shit, crib spacious
Futuristic automobiles, spaceships
Jadakiss laced it, the remix, Wasted"

The State Vs. Radric Davis in stores DecemBURR! 8th

Just A Thought: Gucci Mane getting his Twista on? It's a good sign to see him challenging himself, trying to switch up the flow. I'm hoping there's more of that on the album.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jay Electronica Is Straight Spittin'

Exhibit C (Produced By Just Blaze)

Ahh, the ever elusive Jay Electronica. While he's still an enigma to many, there's no denying the intensity and intellect in his songs (when he bothers to release one, which on his current schedule, amounts to 3 or 4 songs every six months). Jay's co-d, Just Blaze, was up at Shade45 on Sirius/XM, spinning some records and he unearthed a couple of gems he has in the stash, but "Exhibit C" was the crown jewel. Peep...

When I was sleepin' on the train, sleepin' on Meserole Ave. out in the rain, without even a single slice of pizza to my name
Too proud to beg for change, mastering the pain, when New York n*ggaz were calling southern rappers lame, but then jackin our slang
I used to get dizzy spells & hear a little ring
The voice of an Angel telling me my name
Telling me that one day, I'mma be a great man transforming with the Megatron Don, spittin' out flames
Eat wack rappers alive, sh*ttin out chains
I ain’t believe it then, n*gga I was homeless
Fightin’, shootin dice, smokin weed on the corners
Tryna find the meaning of life in a Corona, till the 5 percenters rolled up on a n*gga and informed him.....

“You either build or destroy. Where you come from?”

The Magnolia projects in the 3rd Ward slum

“Hmm…it’s quite amazing that you rhyme how you do
and how you shine like you grew up in a shrine in Peru”

Question 14 - Muslim Lesson 2: Dip Diver, Civilize a 85er
I make the devil hit his knees and say the Our Father

You rockin with the true and living
Shout out to Lights Out, Joseph I, Chewy Bivens
Shout out to Baltimore, Baton Rouge, my crew in Richmond
While y’all debated who the truth was like Jews & Christians
I was on Cecil B, Broad Street, Master, North Philly, South Philly, 23rd, Tasker
6 Mile, 7 Mile, Hartwell, Gratiot
Where n*ggaz really would pack a U-Haul truck up, put the high beams on, drive up on the curb, at a barbecue and hop up out the back like “what’s up!”
Kill a n*gga, rob a n*gga, take a n*gga, bust up
That’s why when you talk that tough talk I never feel ya
You sound real good and you play the part well but the energy you giving off is so unfamiliar...I don’t feel ya

(We need somethin realer!)

Nas hit me up on the phone, said “What you waitin on?”
Tip hit me up with the a, said “What you waitin on?”
Diddy sent a text every hour on the dot sayin “When you gon drop that verse n*gga, you takin long”

So now I’m back spittin that "He Could Pass A Polygraph"
That Reverend Run rockin Adidas out on Hollis Ave.
That’s FOI, Margus Garvey, Nikki Tesla
I shock you like a eel, "Electric Feel", Jay Electra

They call me Jay Electronica, f*ck that
Call me Jay ElecHannukah, Jay ElecYamulke
Jay ElectRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica
RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor
My Uzi still weigh a ton, check the barometer
I’m hotter than the motherf*ckin sun, check the thermometer
I’m bringing Ancient Mathematics back to Modern Man
My momma told me never throw a stone and hide your hand
I got a lot of family, you got a lot of fans
That's why the people got my back like the Verizon Man

If you need Google to understand some of the references, don't be ashamed. If someone told you he caught every metaphor & name drop in "Exhibit C", he's lying to ya. Dude is making some of the illest music I've heard in years but more importantly, his rhymes provoke thought. No shots @ Gucci.

As it is, the internet is goin' nuts [(c) Paul Wall] for this joint, even though it's a radio rip with shitty quality & drops throughout. But again, knowing how often Jay drops music, I'd say be happy with what we've got.

Yo Jay, what you waitin' on?

We need somethin realer!

Just A Thought: Just when I thought Just Blaze had fallen victim to the curse of Auto Tune, dude comes and fucks up the game with a song like this.
Me thinks Justin's been holding out on us lol.

Triple C’s feat. Young Jeezy - Erryday

Maybach Music meets the Corporate Thugz.

Triple C's Custom Cars & Cycles hits retailers today.

Cop that.

Just A Thought: This is the scariest collection of black men I've seen in a minute. Fuck Paranormal Activity. You wanna scare America? Make em watch this video.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Return Of Mixtape Weezy

So Wayne copped out to that gun charge he was facing here in New York. Wise move. The 8 months to a year he's looking at are light time compared to the 3 & 1/2 years the DA would've sought had he been convicted. I'm sure the "Lil" guy will be okay on Rikers Island. He has enough money and influence to get a nice private room for his stay and a little jail time can do wonders for a rapper's career. Look at artists like 2Pac and Tip. They did bids (or in T.I.'s case, doing bids) and came home without missing a step. I expect the same from Wayne. Consider it a vacation of sorts. A little time to recharge the batteries and get his mind right.

At any rate, Wayne has decided to bless the people with a flood of music in the upcoming months, including his rock album, Rebirth and the Young Money compilation, both due out in December. But first up is Lil' Wayne's return to the mixtape circuit with his first tape since Dedication 3. No Ceilings, hosted by DJ Drama (That dude seems to be on every mixtape that matters these days), is supposed to hit the 'net on Halloween and a couple of joints have been freed up to whet the collective appetites of the bloggerverse.

Truthfully, I haven't really been checkin for Wayne in a minute. Dedication 3 was a disappointment (Blame it on the Auto-Tune) and the recent leaks have either been songs from a year ago just surfacing free of tags or they've been throwaways from the Rebirth project (ugh). Really nothing worth writing about. But these new mixtape joints remind me of when Weezy was beasting on the mixtape game. Maybe that sideways jab from Jay-Z on "D.O.A" lit the fire under Wayne? Or maybe his upcoming jail time has inspired him to crank out some material to hold down the fans till his release. Honestly, the only thing that matters is Wayne seems to be back on his grizzly and that means new heat for your stereo iTunes. DJ Drama & Lil' Wayne's No Ceilings comes out Friday and you already know you can get it right here when it drops.

P.S. - "Swag Surfin'" is kinda crazy.

"Run This Town"

"Swag Surfin"


Props to Mr. X for the linkage (pause).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Gucci Mane feat Usher - Spotlight

With the Cold War still upon us, Gucci drops the 2nd single off of The State Vs. Radric Davis. Produced by Polow Da Don, the track updates the classic Atlanta bass sound and is reminiscent of older bass joints like "My Boo" and "Swing My Way". Not a big fan of "Da Don" (who's basically a Timbaland biter, but who isn't?) but when he sticks to a more regional sound he wins. So less pop and more country shit (where is that Rich Boy album?). Usher is strong on the hook. Takes you back to before Justin Timberlake took his spot and his music was relevant. Gucci snatches Soulja Boy's bounce from "Kiss Me Through The Phone" and does what he does, but honestly, he doesn't need to do much. Usher & Polow made this one a hit regardless on who was spittin' on it. Kinda makes me wonder what it would've sounded like if Usher kept it for himself.

Timbaland feat Drake - Say Something

Yet another unfinished leak from Timbaland's Shock Value 2, this one featuring Degrassi High's finest, Drake. One thing I can say about what I've heard from this album thus far, the production isn't mindblowing, genre changing stuff but this track is trademark Timbo, all escalating synths and industrial drums, definitely a step above his tracks on BP3. Drake is a chameleon of sorts, limited in his subject matter but the songs where I think he's at his best are the ones where he details his life as an up & coming rapper, measuring his quick rise to fame against the loss of the life he knew before it. Drake's penchant for emo honesty is a big part of his appeal but a touch of ego keeps it from becoming totally sappy...

"How I go from being the man that you argue wit
To me and Dwayne Carter putting out the hardest shit
I should wanna go back to the one I started with
But I'm addicted to this life, it's gon' be hard to quit"

I'll pick this guy over "Young Money, ballin outta control, standing in milk with Birdman (Ayo)" Drake any day. "Say Something" isn't quite on the level of the songs on the So Far Gone EP, but then again, this is still an unfinished track. After Timbaland adds his signature fuckery, who knows what the song will ultimately sound like.

The Clipse - Popular Demand (Popeyes) feat. Cam'ron

The much anticipated collabo track from The Clipse featuring Killa Cam over a Pharrell beat? Sounds crazy right? Well, apparently it reads better on paper then in practice. Skateboard P does his part, delivering a track that sounds decidedly more street then the two Neptunes produced songs that have already leaked from Till The Casket Drops. It doesn't really have any of the typical Neptunes sounds and if it wasn't for the drums, you'd have no clue this was a Neptunes track if you weren't told as much. Pharrell does his best Cam'ron impression on the hook and it works better then you would expect. Too bad Cam couldn't muster the enthusiasm to say anything noteworthy. You'd think surrounding Cam with Pusha, Mal & Pharrell would inspire a decent verse. Think again. This one is a clear case of style swag over substance. Wasn't all that keen on Pusha's verse either. Good thing Malice saves the song with a verse that manages to salvage what is still a disappointing effort all around. Till The Casket Drops looks less and less appealing with each leak.

Juelz Santana feat. Yelawolf - Mixin' Up The Medicine

It's been 4 years since What The Game's Been Missing was released and made Juelz Santana a breakout star. But alot can change in 4 years and label drama along with turmoil within the DipSet derailed a career that was just finding mainstream success. "Mixin' Up The Medicine" is Santana's latest attempt to get some attention from his label, the fans and anyone else willing to listen and I think he's got something here. The song (which borrows it's hook from Alabama rapper YelaWolf's "I Wish") incorporates elements of folk and country, fusing them together into something that has huge crossover potential while still remaining hard enough for the Hip-Hop heads. And Elz sounds as good as he ever has, simple but deceptively clever and catchy. Even though his Skull Gang project didn't pop like he might've hoped, it sppears the failure of that project has put the focus squarely back on Juelz, where it should have been in the first place.

Sean Price - Kimbo Price (Prelude to Mic Tyson)

New crack from Sean Price!

Sean Price - Kimbo Price (Prelude to Mic Tyson)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

50 Cent - Crime Wave

50 Cent - Crime Wave

New "Aggressive Content" from Fiddy.
Curtis gets to act in the video and when I say act, I mean it in the loosest way possible. It's safe to say Curtis won't be up for any Oscar's anytime soon.
I'm pretty sure this is off the 50th Law mixtape which was supposed to drop last month and is now set to drop sometime before Before I Self Destruct. This is the kinda music 50 needs to be making, even though an album full of similar fare would brick worse then J.O.S.E. 2. Hopefully Fif is ablw to find a happy medium on BISD.

: Seems like this is actually gonna be on the album. A good sign.

Bonus: With the past week being dominated by Gucci Mane, getting him on the remix makes perfect sense. It's like, why not?

Crime Wave Remix ft. Gucci Mane

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Clipse feat. Rick Ross - I'm Good (Remix)

Last week they filmed the video, now here's the official remix to The Clipse's 3rd album, Till The Casket Drops, featuring everyone's favorite corrections officer. This being the official remix, there are brand new 16's from both Pusha and Malice and honestly, I think they outdid themselves the 2nd time around. You tell me...

Here's the tracklist for Till The Casket Drops courtesy of Complex

1. Speak of Freedom (Produced By Sean C & LV)
2. Popular Demand (Popeyes) feat. Cam’ron (Produced By The Neptunes)
3. Kinda Like a Big Deal feat. Kanye West (Produced By DJ Khalil)
4. Showin’ Out feat. Yo Gotti Produced By The Neptunes)
5. I’m Good feat. Pharrell (Produced By The Neptunes)
6. There Was A Murder (Produced By DJ Khalil)
7. Door Man (Produced By The Neptunes)
8. Never Will It Stop feat. Ab-Liva (Produced By Sean C & LV)
9. Eyes On Me feat. Keri Hilson (Produced By The Neptunes)
10. Counseling (Produced By The Neptunes)
11. Champion (Produced By The Neptunes)
12. Footsteps (Produced By DJ Khalil)
13. Life Change (Produced By The Neptunes)
14. I’m Good (Remix) feat. Rick Ross (Bonus)

I ain't gonna lie, I'm not as quite as hyped for this to drop as you might think. Considering the way they came out of the gate with their first two albums ("Grindin'" & "Mr. Me Too" respectively) the singles have kinda been underwhelming. Kanye stole the show on "Kinda Like A Big Deal" and "I'm Good" and "All Eyes On Me" are definitely aiming for a broader demo then The Clipse usually cater too. I'm not mad at em, cause the music industry is sales driven, let's be real. I just expected a little more grit then I'm hearing so far.

That being said, "Popular Demand (Popeyes) feat. Cam’ron" has classic written all over it. Guess we'll have to wait till December 8th to find out exactly what the Brothers Thornton are bringing to the table this time around.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Don Cannon x Young Dro - R.I.P. (Mixtape)

Speaking of Young Dro...

This tape is hella late but at least it's light on Yung L.A. verses. If Dro can manage to shake off his bad influences, he might be able to re-capture some of the promise he showed on The Best Thing Smokin'. It still sucks that even with T.I. locked down, he's still more of a priority over at Grand Hustle then Dro.

Don Cannon x Young Dro - R.I.P.

Young and the Restless coming....eventually.

Triple C's feat Gucci Mane - Trickn Off (Video)

Triple C's feat Gucci Mane - Trickn Off

I'm usually against songs of this type. Cats is doing enough trickin' as it is (and yes, it's still trickin', even if you got it). Luckily, "Whatever You Like" this is not. I'll give the C.O. & his deputies a pass on this one just for the Gucci verse.

"Diamond chain around my neck? I call it Bloody Mary
Purple vette parked at the crib? I call it Welch’s jelly
Blue and white new droptop beemer? I call it Papa Smurf
And if ya take ya nigga word? Call that alotta nerve...."

Young Droish? Kinda. But why not flip that style, especially when you have a frame of reference as out there as Gucci's.

And it's not like Dro is using it these days anyway.

Off of the classic* album, Custom Cars & Cycles, in stores next Tuesday.

1. Custom Cars & Clips
2. White Sand
3. Break It Down (Feat. Bun B)
4. Go (Feat. Rick Ross & Birdman)
5. We Getting It
6. Trickn Off (Feat. Gucci Mane)
7. Throw It In The Sky
8. Erryday (Feat. Young Jeezy & JW)
9. Customized
10. Gangsta Shit (Feat. The Game)
11. Finer Things (Feat. Masspike Miles)
12. Chickn Talkn (Feat. Mack 10 & Warren G)
13. Diamonds & Maybachs Pt. 2 (Feat. Suede Royale)
14. Hustla (Feat. Masspike Miles)
15. Yams Pt. 2 (Feat. Yo Gotti)

* - I can't claim credit for that line, I just snatched it from the video. A bit delusional but considering the players involved, it's really not out of character lol.

Is Dat You Beffa?

Mase Makes Puff Release Him In The Middle of V103's Ryan Cameron Show from shudduptv on Vimeo.

The good Reverend Mason Betha b.k.a. Mase has been on the comeback trail (for the 3nd time) for the last few months but this time around he's been openly asking for "Diddy's percent". Knowing how shady Puff is (the man still owns Biggie's publishing. SMH), I couldn't see him giving up a dime, let alone releasing him from his deal. That was part of the reason Mase's situation with Curtis and G-Unit eventually fell through. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures cause this video (captured by K.I.M. @ shows the Pastor (release papers in hand) catching Diddy off guard while he was at Atlanta's V103 promoting his new group, Dirty Money and his upcoming album. The radio hosts and the Dirty Money girls all play it off nicely but the tension between Puff and Mase is obvious. I was waiting for this to get ugly but to my surprise, Diddy did the right thing and signed on the dotted line. I guess all the prayer paid off, huh Betha?

Mase is officially off of Bad Boy. The question now...does anyone care?

Update: Me thinks I spoke too soon. Since Miss Info got the scoop (as usual), I'll let her tell it...

Ok, so my insider tells me….that signature wasn’t on a contract release form…it was basically an appearance release form. Basically, Diddy is allowing Mase to appear on songs with other artists. He is not freeing Mase from his contractual obligations to Bad Boy.

But this is a start, because Mase already has a big feature in the works, as well as a potential home at Interscope…..which would work out well in terms of those old contractual obligations because Diddy is already over at Interscope as well.

See how that would all fit together? Synergy, lol ; )

Interesting. I guess we'll have to wait and see how this all pans out for the Pastor.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gucci Mane - The Cold War Series (Mixtape)

They shoulda never told Gucci Mane he was hot lol!

Fresh off The Burrprint 3-D, Gucci comes back wit a triple stack. Dude may not be the best rapper alive but quality plus consistency equals success. Yeah, releasing three mixtapes on the same day may be overdoing it just a tad, but you can't help but respect the grind.


1. #6
2. Street Cred feat. Dj Drama, Drake, Killer Mike
3. Diamonds
4. Follow Me feat. Drumma Boi
5. Throw Money feat. Sean Garrett
6. Guccimerica
7. In My Business feat. Drake, Sean Garrett
8. Gucci Bitch feat. Kandi
9. 09 Bachelor Pad
10. Boiy
11. Outro
12. Dangers Not a Stranger

Gucci Mane & DJ Drama - Guccimerica

1. Great BRRRitain Intro
2. Im Expecting feat. Juvenile
3. N.E.R.D
4. The Other Day feat. Jim Jones
5. Outta Me
6. Burner
7. I Be Everywhere
8. Hush Ya Mouth
9. Greeat BRRRitain Outro
10. Timothy

Gucci Mane & DJ Scream - Great BRRRitan

1. Gucci Talk
2. Good Money
3. Break Ya Self
4. Gucci Talk P.S.A.
5. Ha Ha Ha
6. Party Animal feat. Snoop Dogg
7. I Am Legend
8. Diamonds
9. Gucci Talk
10. Foreign
11. Euphoria feat. Wacka Flocka Flame & Rocko
12. Street Cred
13. Gucci Talk Outro

Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday - BRRRussiaa

Friday, October 16, 2009

Freddie Gibbs - I'm That Nigga

New Gibbs off of his upcoming mixtape, The Labels Tryin To Kill Me!, dropping next month. Dude is bringing back authentic gangster shit in a real way.

Freddie Gibbs - I'm That Nigga

Bonus: Andrew from Fake Shore Drive got a chance to kick it with the homie Gibbs about a buncha things, including how he got started in the rap game, his influences and experiences in the game thus far. If you haven't gotten the hint from the music, Freddie is a real cat and this interview gives some insight into the man behind the mic. I liked his music but this vid just solidified me as a bonafide fan. Peep....

FSD Interviews Freddie Gibbs from Andrew Barber on Vimeo.

Freddie Gibbs is one to watch for.

I keep screaming it cause it's true....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Snoop Dogg - ‘Protocol’

Snoop Dogg - Let It Rain

Can't say I was anticipating Snoop's upcoming 10th album, Malice N Wonderland. Not that I don't mess with Snoop like that.I thought Tha Blue Carpet Treatment was one of his better albums but he followed it up with Ego Trippin',an enjoyable album (even if it's kinda long) just based on the strength of Snoop's natural star power but with admissions of ghost writers and reality TV factoring into his image, I couldn't help but think the Dogg had fallen for the crossover. And why not? He's more then earned the right. Snoop Dogg is icon status. But somewhere along the line he started singing just a little too much, softening up just a bit. You can't blame me for wanting him to deliver one more classic gangster rap album, the same way Jay-Z revisited his Reasonable Doubt days with American Gangster and the same way Rae took in back to 97 with OB4Cl2. I've heard Snoop's new single with The-Dream & it's cool, but I'm almost near the point of being sick of The-Dream. Nothing personal. I had already written off this new album as Ego Trippin': Part Deux till I heard Protocol. Now I don't know who produced it (It sounds like Dre, but at this point, Dre is really Nottz, Hi-Tek, Denaun Porter, etc. so I'll wait till I can check the credits), I don't know who ghost wrote it, but this is the Snoop I want to hear, older & wiser but still full of the same shit he was on back in the Gin & Juice days. I doubt there'll be an album full of tracks like it, actually I'm pretty sure there won't be, but it's a good step in the right direction IMO. Hearing this made me listen to the assorted Malice... tracks that have leaked online and I came to the Scott Storch produced Let It Rain, the first leak if I remember correctly, and it's not too far from ‘Protocol’, even though I'm not sure it'll still make the album.

Timbaland ft. T-Pain & Missy Elliot - Talk

Cats clowned Timbaland's contributions to BP3 when they leaked, and Timbaland responded by saying he was "saving his best stuff for Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II". Time to show and prove. This song was still unfinished when it leaked a while back with just Tim & T-Pain's verses (one Timbaland verse was basically a reference) but this version adds Missy Elliot to the mix and relegates T-Pain to the hook. If they'd scrap one of Missy's new verses and give it to Pain, I think they'd have certified hit but word is the final version is supposed to have a verse from Lil' Wayne on it. Talk about overkill lol. Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II is dropping in December. I thought the last album was an interesting mix of genres but the early buzz is saying this time around it's gonna be crazy. There's a Brandy/Drake joint on there that I'm hearing is incredible. Speaking of Drake....

Drake feat. Birdman - More Milli

Better then any song featuring Birdman (without Wayne) has any right to be. Baby (nh) sounds better then I've ever heard him. Seriously. He needs to get Drake to write for him more often. As usual, Drake does his thing here (has he ever dropped a weak 16?), even going so far as to basically point to the rafters ala Babe Ruth and say he can sell a million copies of Thank Me Later it's first week out. Cocky for a rookie but after selling 100,000 copies of a mixtape that came out for free last year, I can't put it past him. Not sure what this is gonna end up on.

Amerie feat Trey Songz - Pretty Brown Eyes

I'm late on this one (been slackin' on the R&B lately), but seeing Amerie & Trey Songz together on a track got my attention. Especially since they essentially update Mint Condition's classic slow jam, "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" with update meaning jacking the hook and slapping it on a completely different song. Sounds like a recipe for disaster but the two manage to pull it off. With the low first week numbers of his latest & recent internet fuckery surrounding my dude Trey, he can use a couple of photo ops with a female right about now. Amerie's In Love & War drops Nov. 3rd.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat Jay Rush & Lyfe Jennings - See Me Shine

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have been reunited with all 5 members for a minute now, working on their new album (entitled Uni-5 or The World's Enemy, depending on where you look). Their last effort, 2007's Strength & Loyalty was another attempt in a long line of comebacks and though it succeeded (the album went over well with critics and fans alike) the group was only a trio at the time. With Flesh home after a 10 year bid and Bizzy being welcomed back in the fold for the first time since 02's Thug World Order you'd figure they'd need some time to re establish their chemistry. Even though they've leaked a handful of tracks over the last 8-9 months, this new track featuring Lyfe Jennings & Jay Rush(?) is the first song that sounds like an authentic Bone Thugs record. I liked Strength & Loyalty but hearing Bizzy & Flesh's voices back with Krayzie, Layzie & Wish made me realize how much better they are as a unit. And Lyfe can't even manage to ruin this one lol. Hip-Hop's version of The Temptations is back and if they can make a whole album of music on this level, they might make their biggest comeback to date.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Trappin Ain't Dead...."

Jeezy performing Trap Or Die 2, presumably off of Thug Motivation 103. Might be the low quality, but I'm not impressed. Seems more like a regression then anything else, but I'll reserve judgment till I hear the whole album.

Royce Da 5′9″ – Count For Nothing (Video)

I told y'all when The Revival EP dropped that Royce was on his shit and Street Hop is set to drive that point home. I'm not gonna lie, I was never a huge fan of Royce but since he linked up with the rest of Slaughterhouse he's had my attention and with every new verse he's grown more impressive. In short, ain't no one fuckin' with Royce right now.

Street Hop in stores October 20th. Don't play yaself. Cop that.

Video clipped from Nah.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I Woke Up This Mornin' With Murda On My Mind..."

Freddie Gibbs "Murda On My Mind" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

The first visuals I've ever seen from Freddie Gibbs and it's just how I pictured it. No nonsense, just a man and a mic. The way this clip was shot really hammers home the theme of the song. The tight close-up shots lend to the feeling of frustration & Gibbs is cold and precise on the mic...looking like a cat who's got some shit on his mind. If you haven't heard midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik, exactly what are you waiting for?

Gangsta Gibbs is next up.

Just A Thought: My dude looks blowed out of his mind lol.

Yet Another Video From Deeper Than Rap

Rick Ross Ft. Robin Thicke – Lay Back

Can't say I was a big fan of this one (especially cause I can hear my guy Trey Songz really killing that hook) but that's the whole thing with Deeper Than Rap. Even the weaker songs are still very listenable. And as far as video's go, this ain't bad. Say what you will but Deeper Than Rap was released in April and 12 videos later, Ross is still working it. Plus, with the Triple C album, Custom Cars and Cycles, right around the corner, the collaboration album with Birdman, H, and Ross' 4th album, The Teflon Don both slated for release sometime next year, the C.O. is definitely working.

Triple C - Go

Bonus: I never got a chance to throw this video up when it dropped, but the shit goes (especially minus the Birdman verse). Triple C aren't the typical Southern weed carriers (ie. T.I.'s P$C, Jeezy's U.S.D.A.). These cats can actually rap. Ross has been pretty consistent with the product and judging from what I've heard so far, the Triple C project may surprise some heads.

Plus, here's some footage of Ross & The Clipse down in Miami, fresh off the set of the "I'm Good" Remix video. I guess we'll be hearing the CDQ version of the song shortly, but if you're thirsty to hear how Ross holds up next to the Brothers Thornton, here's a radio rip, courtesy of Meka from 2DopeBoyz.

The Clipse feat. Rick Ross – I’m Good (Remix)

I know, most times Ross comes off faker then his Louie shades, but consistently delivering good music >>>

Props to OnSmash for the videos.

Just A Thought: DJ Khaled is a funny dude lol.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci!

01. Intro
02. Dope Boys
03. Frowney Face
04. Watch Cost A Bentley (Feat. Bun B & Rocko)
05. Think I Want Her
06. Yelp, I Got All Of That
07. Trap Goin Crazy
08. Gucci Speaks
09. My Shadow
10. Gucci Speaks
11. Real As They Get (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Wacka Flocka Flame)
12. Excuse Me
13. More (Feat. Kandi & Sean Ceasar)
14. Gucci Speaks
15. Candy Lady
16. Candy Lady (Remix) (Feat. Brick Squad)
17. No No No
18. Foreign (Feat. Shawty Redd)
19. Flexin (Feat. Brick Squad)
20. My Chain (Feat. Brick Squad)

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane - The Burrprint 3-D

For those who thought Gucci Mane's spot on MTV's 2009 Hottest MC's In The Game list was a typo, Gucci drops The Burrprint 3-D with DJ Drama as a testament to his grind. With his last tape with Drama still getting burn in the streets, there's something to be said for a cat who is constantly dropping new music to feed his rabid (and growing) fan base. Not his best mixtape but hate it or love it, Gucci Mane is gearing up for an even bigger 2010 and I'm saying it now, his sophomore album is gonna be a monster.


Bonus: New visuals for the 2nd remix of Yo Gotti's latest banger, 5 Star, which has quietly become a hit record, the first one in Gotti's career. The song is hot and I'm taking nothing away from Gotti, who's been a force on the Memphis scene for a while now, but you've gotta credit Gotti's affiliation with Gucci for his newfound visibility. Honestly, even though Gotti has worked with artists like Lil' Wayne & Young Buck in the past, I never really paid attention until his Gangsta Grillz mixtape with Gucci. This remix features Gucci (of course) & two of the baddest b*tches in the game, Trina & Nikki Minaj, so the eye candy is definitely on deck.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Saigon Feat. Lokz - Fatherhood (Video)

Powerful joint from Saigon off of his latest, Warning Shots 2, available on Amalgam Digital. Being a father of an 8 year old girl, this one definitely hit home for me and is another reason why a cat like Saigon is necessary in the Hip-Hop game. We need less gangsters in our communities and more fathers, real talk.

T.I. - Hell Of A Life (Video)

Kinda late with this but that should show you exactly where this song ranks with me.

Nope, they ain't let the boy, T.I. out early. This is just another release from the batch of songs that were supposed to make the re-release of last year's Paper Trail, which has since been shelved. In the States, that is. The U.K. got Paper Trail: Case Closed EP, which was the 3 singles from the album as well as Hell Of A Life and Remember Me featuring Mary J. Blige. Even though I really dug the joint with Mary, this cut could've stayed unreleased. Produced by Jim Jonsin, this song sounds similar to much of the material that was on Paper Trail musically but the lyrics? Kinda empty, especially considering what was going on in T.I.'s life when it was recorded.

I appreciate the visuals but I'd rather go without a new T.I. video for a while then be subjected to music recorded simply to be pieced out while the "King" is paying his debt to society. I'll pass and just wait until Tip comes home and whips up a new batch.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

U-N-I feat. Fashawn - Pulp Fiction Part 1 (Video)

Off of U-N-I & Ro Blvd.'s A Love Supreme. One of my favorite albums of the year and this song, featuring another New West prospect, Fashawn, is prolly the best track on the joint. The video just brings the storyline in the audio to life. Peep...

By the way, did I mention the album was a free download? If you've been sleeping all this time, consider this your wake-up call. Get in the loop.

Download: U-N-I & Ro Blvd.'s A Love Supreme

Dâm-Funk - Hood Pass Intact

I've only been on to Dâm-Funk's music for a couple weeks and I'm already a huge fan and this latest song, off of Toeachizown Vol 4: Hood. Hood Pass Intact is more of the same. Future shit with a retro funk twist. You can cop the latest volume from Stones Throw and look out for Vol. 5: Sky. Also, be on the lookout for Fader's cover story on Dâm-Funk in their latest ish.

Pimpin', lol.

Killer Mike ft. Big Kuntry - I’mma Fool Wit It (Video)

Killer Mike ft. Big Kuntry Im A Fool Wit It from THA BIZNESS on Vimeo.

As a whole, Killer Mike's Underground Atlanta compilation was kinda hit or miss, but Mike held down his end with a bunch of of bangers, I'mma Fool Wit It being one of them. With an assist from his new Grand Hustle patna, Big Kuntry King (an underrated rapper IMO), Mike gives this track "The Hangover" treatment and needless to say, this might be a little NSFW, so use caution lol.

Just A Thought: When I first heard him, he was Killer, he blew up as Killer, I'mma call him Killer.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"On The Way To My Next Check, It's..."

"...Spitta nigga from the, the, the Jets"

On My Way

New hotness off of Curren$y's latest, Jet Files, available for digital download on I've already given it a once over and it's every bit as potent as This Ain't No Mixtape. Support good music.

Fool, he got them bomb ass tapes lol.

Ski Interview

Ski discusses new Camp Lo album "Another Heist", Luchini, setting trends, and more. from Roundabout Marketing on Vimeo.

As one of my favorite (and definitely one of the most underrated) producers of the 90's, whenever Ski talks, I listen.

Ski aka Skibeatz discusses the new Ski produced Camp Lo album "Another Heist", the lasting power of Luchini, Camp Lo with Ski and Camp Lo without Ski, setting music and style trends, working with Dame Dash, working with Pittsburgh Slim and more.

Ski working with Dame Dash? It's good to know that at least SOME of those cats who helped make Reasonable Doubt the classic that it is are still cool and willing to do buisness with each other.

And just for the record, Uptown Saturday Night is a classic album too.

Now say sumthin' lol.

Spotted @ 2DB

The Foreign Exchange - I Wanna Know (Video)

The Foreign Exchange - ''I Wanna Know'' from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

Sometime has passed since The Foreign Exchange dropped Leave It All Behind. About a year ago to be exact. After a slew of well done videos, Phonte & Nicolay have finally gotten around to filming a clip for one of my favorite songs on the album (right next to Something To Behold), I Wanna Know. A continuation from the “Take Off the Blues/Valediction” trilogy, Tay is still getting his Denzel on and expands the song into a storyline. Even though the video is more about Tay dealing with his wifey while on tour, the song itself speaks to any guy that's been in a serious relationship.

Grown folks music lol.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Return Of The Snowman

I Got This (Don’t Worry)

Jeezy assures us that all's well in the trap with this first look off of Thug Motivation 103 or as it's now affectionately known, TM103. After delivering one of last year's best Rap albums in The Recession, Jeezy's beyond questions about being able to do it again.

Question now is exactly how is he gonna do it?

"Prolly why I'm Platinum, never been a Gold nigga
The only thing he ever sold was your soul, nigga
And they don't want me gettin open, I miight close niggas
They won't gimme no exposure, I might expose niggas"

I guess this is why he's hot.

"I Don't Wear Tight Jeans Like The Whiteboyz..."

"...But I Do Get Wasted Like The Whiteboyz!"

About two months too late to actually capitalize on the heat the song had during the summer. But hey, I just write a crumby blog, what do I know?


Saturday, October 3, 2009

50 Cent Likes To Talk

If only the albums were as entertaining as his interviews.

In the latest edition of "Curtis Takes Shots At Everyone", 50 fields questions from his fans on Ustream and speaks on a variety of topics, including how he destroyed Murder Inc., his current relationship with Bang Em' Smurf and other things. But the most noteworthy comment was how he feels about Jay-Z and his comments last week. Fif continues to stir the pot and he's obviously baiting Hov. But will Hov step down from his pedestal to get dirty with Curly? (Pause)

Story developing...

Bonus: Here's the final artwork for Fif's upcoming Before I Self Destruct, due in stores this November (Yeah right).


Friday, October 2, 2009

Lady Gaga Is A Woman...

...or that's a helluva tuck job.

Curren$y - Bout It, Bout It 2010

This is the track that was playing in that clip of Curren$y and Don Cannon discussing their upcoming Smokey Robinson mixtape. Considering Spitta's background geographically (He's from New Orleans) and label wise (Curren$y was once a key member of Master P's New No Limit Records roster), it's only right he takes this Southern classic and flips it for 2010. Smokey Robinson is on the way.

Ganked from that guy at that other blog.

Kimbo Takes An L...Again

So Kimbo Slice lost to some fat white guy on UFC's The Ultimate Fighter. After losing to that gay dude on CBS about a year ago, you'd think the big homie would go into The Ultimate Fighter with a point to prove. Well, think again. Most of the episode (I just started tuning in this week) was spent on humanizing Kimbo and as likeable a guy as he comes off, personality doesn't win fights. Granted, Kimbo got paired up with Roy "Big Country" Nelson, a former heavyweight champ from another MMA organization with a pro record of 13-4. That experience is nothing to sneeze at but looking at the man you'd figure the only guy he's made tap out is the chef at the all you can eat buffet.

Honestly, only reason I tuned in was to see Kimbo wreck this guy, so you can imagine my surprise when I realized mid way through the first round that Kimbo was about to take a loss. Not that Nelson put on a great display of his talents. He basically jabbed and dodged untill he got rocked by a Kimbo punch, took Slice to the ground and layed on top of him while he threw kid punches that look like they had no effect at all. It was obvious from this fight that Kimbo's ground game is still non existent, but that can be worked on (hopefully). My concern was the lack of aggression and confidence in the ring. Where was the guy that used to do this to cats on the reg?

Luckily Kimbo has a few things in his favor. One, Big Country basically won the fight by smothering Kimbo with his blubber. It's not like he got KO'd (like last time). Two, Kimbo's match with Nelson was the highest-rated MMA show in history. Early numbers estimate 5.3 million viewers tuned in for the show and 6.1 million tuned in just to watch the fight at the end. Kimbo's too much of a cash cow to just discard him, because he's proven that even after a loss, people still want to see him in the octagon. I just hope dude is able to rekindle some of that fire he used to have, cause Nelson did just enough to win. Any of the seasoned UFC vets would have done some real damage.