Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jay-Z - Run This Town Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West

Run This Town Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West

So it's finally arrived, the much anticipated second single off of the "God MC" Jay-Z's upcoming album, The Blueprint 3. I waited a sec before commenting on this just because I wanted to give myself a chance to really hear the record. Well, I heard it. What's the verdict?

Decent enough, but after getting both Kanye and Rihanna on the same track, I was looking for something more. Especially from S Dot himself. Hov is obviously on cruise control and seems more like a featured artist then anything else. Rihanna dominates the track with the chorus and Kanye upstages "Big Bro'" on the mic. But maybe that was the whole point of Jay getting them on the track. Hov coasting on the coattails of his protégé's? Hmmm...?

With that lineup, you'd expect them to deliver the goods. This just doesn't do it for me. Out of all the other tracks I've heard from the BP3 sessions thus far, I'm the least impressed with this one. Sounds like something that coulda been on the last volume of The Blueprint series. Take that how you will.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Today's my day off & I'm planning to release some stress and kill a couple of brain cells in the process. You all are welcome to join.

Light up!

Devin The Dude - Sticky Green (Feat. Scarface)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drake - The Winner

I guess it's safe to say we're past "next", Drake is the big thing NOW. There is no other new Hip-Hop artist with as much buzz or as consistent of an output and this first look from his Young Money/Universal debut, Thank Me Later, is pretty much more of the same. Produced by Tha Bizness, "The Winner" is a declaration of his new found status; a thank you to all the people who helped get him there and a "fuck you" to the haters who said he'd never make it. It's also an exhibition of his wit and skill as an MC. No singing on this one...

Alotta people sayin' fuck me, problem is they be tellin' everybody but me,
But I, always got a Starbuck's verse being brewed,
Too hot, please, please, double cup me
They never gave me support like Chuck T's and I never trust a nigga sayin' "Trust Me"
Nick Cannon and Will never did it this ill, so you tell the house band don't you dare interrupt me

Can't wait for the haters to try and shred this one. Me? I just fuck with good music.

You can grab the "unofficial" Heartbreak Drake 2 mixtape here

1. Drake Signs (Intro)
2. Do It Now
3. Juice
4. The Winner
5. Slow It Down
6. Something
7. Stunt On You
8. Belly Shit
9. The One (Mary J Blige)
10. Invented Sex (Trey Songz)
11. Digital Girl (Jamie Foxx & Kanye West)
12. Successful f. Trey Songz
13. Unstoppable f. Lil Wayne & Santogold
14. Goin In f. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy
15. Take You Down
16. Best I Ever Had (rmx) f. Ma$e
17. Thank Me Later Coming Soon (Outro)

Gaffled from ONSmash

Friday, July 10, 2009

French Montana - Playing In the Wind x Max B. - Quarentine (Video)

French & Co. have been getting plenty of pub around these parts, but the whole O.F.O. click is what's popping in NY right now. Get familiar (c) Clinton Sparks

I'm late with these, but I come bearing gifts...

French Montana - Playing In the Wind (NO DJ/CDQ)


Max B. - Quarentine

And last but not least...

Big Mike & Max B - PD6: O.F.O/Walking The Plank

Track List:
1. Walk The Plank (Intro)
2. Dead Solver - Max B & Mack Mustard (Prod By Dame Grease)
3. Cake Remix - Max B, French Montana & T.P. (Upnorth Records)
4. All In One Night - Max B & Mack Mustard
5. Movin On Out The Door By Max B & Hollywood Fergie
6. Cheaper To Keep Her - Max B & Ron Geeda
7. Porno Muzik - Max B
8. Ready To Ride Remix - Max B & Mack Mustard
9. Dirty South - Max B & French Montana
10. Hustler Remix - Max B
11. Starz Is Back - Max B
12. Ct Bitches - Max B, French Montana & Hollywood Fergie
13. Max & Scar - Max B, French Montana & Scarlett O Harlem
14. Letter To Stack Bundles - Max B
15. I Never Wanna Go Back - Max B
16. Scream - Max B & Mack Mustard
17. Everything - Max B
18. What You Want From Me - Max B, French Montana & Beanie Sigel

Max B, French Montana, Dame Grease & DJ Delz - Wave Gang II

Track List:
1. Max B & French Montana - Never Let Go
2. French Montata & Dame Grease - Fuck With You
3. Max B & Mack Mustard - Ready To Ride II
4. French Montana, Mack Mustard & Hollywood Fergie - More Money
5. Dame Grease, Mack Mustard, Meeno & E Snaps - Holla At A Angel
6. Dame Grease - Like A Dog
7. Max B - Michael Jackson
8. Max B & Scarlett - Beggin On My Hands & Knees
9. Young Los, Dame Grease & Tanya aka. T6 - Keep Me Rollin
10. French Montana & Mike Shorey - Life
11. Mike Shorey - Captain Save Her (Chris Brown Diss)
12. Dame Grease & Meeno - Goon Fest
13. Mack Mustard & Jeter - We Coming
14. Bigga Threat & Mack Mustard - J.I.M.M.Y
15. Max B & French Montana - Wake Up And Fuck Every Morning
16. Dame Grease & Snoop Dogg - Can You Buy That
17. French Montana - Playing In The Wind
18. Dame Grease, Pistol The One - Hello (Holla Sometimes)
19. Dame Grease & Audi Rob - Break It Down
20. Dame Grease & Mike Shorey - Rotate G Mix
21. Curren$y - Lambo Dreams
22. Jae Millz - Defeat Is Not An Option
23. Pistol The One & Bigga Threat - Body Whop
24. French Montana - Slow Down

Free Max B!

Lebron Displaying Bitch Ass Tendencies?

Not quite sure what to say about this. I was able to overlook the whole fiasco at the end of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals with Lebron not shaking hands or doing any post game interviews after the game. Yeah, it was a punk ass move, but who hasn't been a sore loser at one point or another, especially in your late teens, early 20's. But this? To really care that much about your image that you'd confiscate film of you getting dunked on by some college kid? Really Lebron? I hate to say it, but pull your shorts up King James...your thong is showing.

Slaughterhouse - The One Trailer (Video)

Directed By Rik Cordero (Three/21 Media)

Can't front, it's grown on me. The choice of hook still baffles me but the DJ Khalil produced track and Joe & Joell's back and forth are worth the price of admission.

Slaughterhouse - The One

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It's a real mellow Friday. - Lay Me Down feat. Terry Dexter off of his album Lost Change from BBE's Beat Generation series.

Ryan Leslie X Rick Ross Collaboration?

Ryan Leslie x Rick Ross "Maybachs & Diamonds" In-Studio from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Apparently, R-Les and Officer Ricky were supposed to work together on a song entitled "Maybachs & Diamonds", to be used for the Deeper Than Rap album but scheduling conflicts delayed the collaboration until just recently. Here's the footage from the resulting studio session where Ross (defiantly rocking his fugazi LV's) watches Ryan cook up another winner.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Royce Da 5'9" - The Revival EP

Royce is up first in a series of EP's from the Slaughterhouse cats. As talented as these cats are individually, I'm still not fully sold on the Slaughterhouse album, but I'm gonna support the movement anyway. The game needs Slaughterhouse to work cause I swear, one more song with "Swag" in the title and I'm jumping out a window (No Ron Browz).

Royce Da 5'9" - The Revival EP

1. Gun Harmonizing
2. Count For Nothing
3. Warriors feat. Slaughterhouse
4. Street Hop 2010

P.S. - I just listened to this joint. Royce reminded me why he was slated to be the next big thing. Download this EP immediately.

Mr. Hudson - Anyone But Him (Ft. Kanye West) x Everything Is Broken (Ft. Kid Cudi)

A couple of new joints from Kanye's favorite white boy.

Anyone But Him (Ft. Kanye West)

Everything Is Broken (Ft. Kid Cudi)

Straight No Chaser in stores October 5th

Bonus: Just cause I missed this when it first dropped...

Supernova (feat. Kanye West)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

50 Cent - Forever King

Happy 4th Of July bitches!

Some new Curtis to bump at the cookout...

50 Cent - Forever King

Evil Empire & Cam’ron - Criminal Minded Pt. 2

Evil Empire strikes again with new heat swiped off of Cam's upcoming Gangster Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, Boss Of All Bosses. Seems like New York rappers are finally delivering what the streets have been missing, with a couple of cats really going in on the mixtape circuit. Real competitve, just like it should be.

P.S. This kid Vado is gonna be a problem. Juelz who?

Evil Empire & Cam’ron - Criminal Minded Pt. 2

01. Arab Muzik feat. Vado & Byrd Lady (Boss Of All Bosses)
02. You The Baddest feat. Vado (Boss Of All Bosses)
03. We In This Thang feat. Yung L.A. (Produced by K.E. On The Track) (Boss Of All Bosses)
04. Cocaine feat. Vado (Boss Of All Bosses)
05. Different Cloth feat. Vado (Boss Of All Bosses)
06. Horror Story feat. Vado (Boss Of All Bosses)
07. Lennox & 7th feat. Vado & 40 Cal (Boss Of All Bosses)
08. Professional feat. Byrd Lady & Vado (Boss Of All Bosses)
09. We Here Now feat. Vado (Boss Of All Bosses)
10. Where I Know You From
11. Chalupa
12. Get It Get It
13. Who
14. Cookin’ Up
15. Silky (No Homo)
16. Cookies & Apple Juice feat. Skitzo & Byrd Lady
17. Curve
18. Get It In Ohio
19. Crime Pays
20. You Know What’s Up

Strongarmed from Nah

Evil Empire & Dame Grease - Goon Music 2.Owww x DJ Lazy K & Max B. - Million Dollar Baby 3

I repeat, New York Bamma Rap goes hard! New tapes from the O.F.O. clique....

Free Max B.!

Evil Empire & Dame Grease - Goon Music 2.Owww

1. Goon Intro 2.0ww
2. French Montana - We Playin' In The Rain
3. French Montana, Dame Grease, Max B, Jetter, & Mac Mustard - Wave Gang
4. Max B & Mac Mustard - Dead Solver (Ed Lover Diss!)
5. Max B - First Of The Month
6. Sheek Louch, Pusha T, & Freeway - My Style
7. Dame Grease - Blanket Jackson
8. French Montana - Life Of An O.G.
9. French Montana - So Soulful
10. Skit
11. Max B - Bury Me With My Grand Cru
12. Jae Millz - No Defeat
13. Message From The Boss Don
14. Al Pac, Hollywood Ferg, Meeno, & A.B. - Get Money (Hustla Dog)
15. Meeno & Dame Grease - Heroin
16. Shorty Face Skit
17. French Montana, Dame Grease, Meeno, & Jae Millz - Stuck In The Middle
18. Max B, Dolla, Skrilla, & Young Qua - What We Want
19. Max B - 1 Day At A Time
20. French Montana & Dame Grease - Pluto
21. Beanie Sigel, Max B, & French Montana - What U Want From Me
22. Max B - Don't Wanna Go Back

DJ Lazy K & Max B. - Million Dollar Baby 3

1. Intro
2. Never Wanna Go Back
3. Freestyle
4. I'ma G
5. Aniversary
6. Freestyle
7. Interlude
8. Wake Up Every Morn
9. Get It How U Live
10. Wat Chu Want From Me
11. Give Me Mine
12. Cap City
13. So Wavy
14 Freestyle
15. Million Dollar Baby
16. Dappa Dan
17. Ow Ow Ow
18. I Just Wanna Bone
19. Freestyle
20. Closer I Get To You
21. Baby
22. Count Down
23. No Good24 Which Way Did He Go
25. Biggaveli Shit 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drake - Best I Ever Had (Video)

With the ink still wet on his Young Money/Universal contract, Drake offers up the first visuals for a song that started as a mixtape record and is now slated to be the first single off of his upcoming debut, Thank Me Later. Directed by Kanye West.

The visuals kinda threw me at first but after watching the whole thing?

Fucking genius.

The song is already outta here so the video neither makes it or breaks it.

Awkward at first but this clip is hilarious, not to mention the serious eye candy. Good job on the casting, 'Ye.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

French Montana - The Laundry Man 2 Mixtape

A new tape from Frenchie.

New York Bamma Rap goes hard...Free Max B.!

French Montana - The Laundry Man 2

01. Slow Down
02. Shake The Game
03. We Playin In The Wind
04. Life Of An O.G.
05. So Soulful
06. Stuck In The Middle Feat. Jae Millz, Dame Grease, & Meeno
07. Pluto Feat. Dame Grease
08. Overtime Feat. Akon
09. Money Right
10. Wave Gang Feat. Max B & Dame Grease
11. What You Want From Me Feat. Max B & Beanie Sigel
12. Closer Then Most Feat. Tre Williams
13. Fresh Air Feat. Max B
14. Lay Down Feat. Mike Shorey
15. Mac & Cheese
16. Everybody Know
17. Wus Up
18. Never Gettin' Up Feat. Tre Williams

50 Cent - OK, You’re Right (Video)

The whole "Evil Clown" motif fits Curtis to a tee.

I admit, I've taken shots at 50 from time to time but I've also given him props when it was deserved and lately, it's been deserved. War Angel was solid and the leaked songs off Forever King have been on the same high level.

This song is dope, from the flow to the track and the video, while not as groundbreaking as the hype led me to believe, is still an entertaining clip.

"OK, You're Right" >>> "Straight To The Bank" & "Amusment Park" combined.

Before I Self Destruct might just surprise a few heads...if they're actually willing to admit they like it at all.