Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

(I was kinda beat when I first wrote this post. I had to get my thoughts out before I lost 'em, but in my rush, the write up came out filled with grammatical errors & such, so I've come back off of a couple hours of sleep & tightened up a bit. So, let's try this again...)

I was on 125th Street in Harlem this afternoon, just to stop by the Atmos store and cop a pair of kicks and only a few steps from the train station I overheard someone say something about Michael Jackson. I couldn't really make out what they were talking about cause I really wasn't paying attention, but I definitely heard them refer to Michael Jackson. As I walked toward Atmos I passed some guy who had a stand selling scented oils, insencse, etc. and that's when I heard the bad news blaring out of his boombox. Not believing my ears, I had to ask the insencse man for confirmation...

Me: Yo, they just say Michael Jackson died?

Him: Yup. Heart attack.

Me: Say word? That's crazy!

I was stunned and I must've stood there for a couple seconds, just trying to grasp the reality of what I had just heard. The bootlegger who had set up shop right next to the insensce man must've peeped the whole thing cause as soon as I turned around, he was like...

Him: I got them Michael Jackson cd's right here y'all, get your Michael Jackson cd's right here!

Me: I know how to get what I want off the internet. I'm good fam.

As I continued to walk down '25th, I started to hear his name peppered in the various conversations people were having on the street. Even though some of those conversations were in other languages, there's no translation needed to understand the words "Michael Jackson".

I got my first record player in 1982 as a Christmas gift. It was a blue and red Spider-Man joint and along with it, I got my very first piece of vinyl. Michael Jackson's Thriller. I remember performing impromptu "concerts" in my Aunt Sand's living room with my cousin Joseph, using white socks as makeshift gloves, popping the buttons off of our blue button ups, grapping our junk, mouthing the words to songs from Bad. My sister Tamika got married a while back and at the reception during the Bride and Groom's first dance, the DJ switched it up and her and my brother in law, Scooter, both started doing their best rendition of the dance in the Thriller video(It was hilarious lol. Guess you had to be there.). As a kid, I remember begging my Mom to let me stay later at a friend's house when she was ready to leave, just to see the Making Michael Jackson's Thriller on VHS. I wanted to be MJ so bad, I got my mother to buy me the pleather knock off version of the red leather jacket he wore in "Beat It". If there was ever an artist I was a "Stan" for, it was Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is without question, the greatest entertainer to ever grace a stage. No one else is even close. Aside from being the undisputed King Of Pop, Michael Jackson is quite possibly the most influentual figure in modern music. I was watching The Jackson 5's live performance of "I Want You Back" on The Ed Sullivan Show, trying to help my daughter put a face to the name and just looking at this eleven year old kid, dominating the stage with his pressence, I remembered how much of a true talent Michael Jackson was and I shed a tear for a man who's music was ever present during my childhood years.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

You will be missed....

Bonus: Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Collection (2004)

Track listing:
Disc 1
1. I Want You Back (with The Jackson 5) - 2:59 - 22 MB
2. ABC (with The Jackson 5) - 2:58 - 21 MB
3. I'll Be There (with The Jackson 5) - 3:58 - 28 MB
4. Got to Be There - 3:23 - 23 MB
5. I Wanna Be Where You Are - 2:57 - 21 MB
6. Ben - 2:44 - 17 MB
7. Dancing Machine (with The Jackson 5) - 2:37 - 17 MB
8. Enjoy Yourself (with The Jacksons) - 3:40 - 24 MB
9. Ease on Down the Road (with Diana Ross) - 3:19 - 25 MB
10. You Can't Win (from The Wiz) - 7:17 - 52 MB
11. Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (early demo, with The Jacksons) - 2:09 - 13 MB
12. Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (with The Jacksons) - 3:45 - 27 MB
13. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough - 6:04 - 43 MB
14. Rock with You - 3:40 - 26 MB
15. Off the Wall - 4:06 - 29 MB
16. She's out of My Life - 3:37 - 18 MB
17. Sunset Driver (demo) - 4:03 - 27 MB
18. Lovely One (with The Jacksons) - 4:50 - 36 MB
19. This Place Hotel (with The Jacksons) - 5:44 - 40 MB

Disc 2
1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - 6:03 - 46 MB
2. The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney) - 3:42 - 26 MB
3. Thriller - 5:58 - 44 MB
4. Beat It - 4:19 - 32 MB
5. Billie Jean - 4:53 - 36 MB
6. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (demo) - 3:47 - 26 MB
7. Someone in the Dark - 4:55 - 30 MB
8. State of Shock (with Mick Jagger & The Jacksons) - 4:30 - 31 MB
9. Scared of the Moon (demo) - 4:42 - 27 MB
10. We Are the World (demo) - 5:20 - 36 MB
11. We Are Here to Change the World (from Captain EO) - 2:54 - 20 MB

Disc 3
1. Bad - 4:07 - 32 MB
2. The Way You Make Me Feel - 4:58 - 38 MB
3. Man in the Mirror - 5:19 - 36 MB
4. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (with Siedah Garrett) - 4:14 - 27 MB
5. Dirty Diana - 4:40 - 33 MB
6. Smooth Criminal - 4:18 - 31 MB
7. Cheater (demo) - 5:09 - 35 MB
8. Dangerous (early version) - 6:40 - 47 MB
9. Monkey Business - 5:45 - 42 MB
10. Jam - 5:40 - 42 MB
11. Remember the Time - 4:00 - 28 MB
12. Black or White - 4:17 - 29 MB
13. Who Is It (IHS Mix) - 7:57 - 52 MB
14. Someone Put Your Hand Out - 5:26 - 40 MB

Disc 4
1. You Are Not Alone - 6:02 - 39 MB
2. Stranger in Moscow - 5:45 - 36 MB
3. Childhood (from Free Willy 2) - 4:28 - 26 MB
4. On the Line (from Get on the Bus) - 4:53 - 34 MB
5. Blood on the Dance Floor - 4:13 - 29 MB
6. Fall Again (demo) - 4:22 - 29 MB
7. In the Back - 4:31 - 32 MB
8. Unbreakable - 6:26 - 46 MB
9. You Rock My World - 5:08 - 38 MB
10. Butterflies - 4:40 - 32 MB
11. Beautiful Girl (demo) - 4:04 - 27 MB
12. The Way You Love Me - 4:30 - 34 MB
13. We've Had Enough - 5:46 - 41 MB

Rapidshare links:
Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Friday, June 19, 2009

Max B. Found Guilty

"Never Wanna Go Back"

Rapper Max B. was found guilty on nine out of the 11 charges he was accused of, including murder, conspiracy and robbery. He faces 25 years in prison. (June 9)

Yeah, I'm mad late with this, partially due to the fact the hours I'm working are crazy and I haven't had the time, but a part of me is really saddened by the verdict. Over the years, I've grown fond of the character that is Max B..`I've seen alot of cats taking shots at Max and that's to be expected. Afterall, this is the internet and anybody with internet access can say whatever they want. If he is in fact guilty, he deserves whatever sentence the judge sees fit, but it's a shame and a waste, cause Max is definitely a talented writer/rapper who couldn't quite make the transition from the streets to the rap game and it may potentially cost him not only his career but the rest of his life behind bars. That shit ain't wavy.

Hold ya' head, Max.

Bonus: A couple of video's that have been released in the aftermath of the verdict...

A Letter From Max B....

Open Letter From Max B Addressed To Family, Friends, & Fans from on Vimeo.

Max B.'s First Interview Since The Verdict...

Max B's First Interview From Behind Bars from on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jay-Z - D.O.A.(Death Of Autotune) (Dirty/CDQ)

New Hov? You had to know I was gonna post this. The first official "leak" off of Jay-Z's long awaited The Blueprint³, produced by No I.D. and Kanye West (Props to IllRoots for the track). This joint is bound to tighten some jaws (pause).

La da da da...hey, hey, hey...goodbye...

Good riddance!

Hold up...

Only nigga to re-write history without a pen
No I.D. on the track, let the story begin, begin, begin...

This is anti-autotune, death of the ringtone
This ain't for iTunes, this ain't for sing-alongs
This is Sinatra at the opera, bring a blond
Preferably wit a fat ass who can sing a song
Wrong. This ain't politically correct
This might offend my political connects
My raps don't have melodies
This shit make niggas want go and commit felonies
Get your chain tooken, I may do it myself, I'm so Brooklyn
I know we facin' a recession,
but the music y'all makin' gon' make it the great depression
All your lack of aggression, pull your skirt back down, grow a set, men
Nigga, this shit violent, this is death of autotune, moment of silence

La da da da...hey, hey, hey...goodbye...

Hold up...

Only nigga to re-write history without a pen
No I.D. on the track, let the story begin, begin, begin...

Hold up...

This ain't a number one record
This is practically assault with a deadly weapon
I made this just for Flex and
Mr. Cee, I want niggas to feel threatened
Stop your bloodclot cryin'
The kid, the dog, everybody dyin', no lyin'
You niggas jeans too tight, your colors too bright, your voice too light
I might wear black for a year straight
I might bring back Versace shades
This ain't for Z100, 'Ye told me to kill y'all to keep it one hunnid
This is for Hot97, this shit for Clue, for Khalid, for We The Best and
Nigga, this shit violent, this is death of autotune, moment of silence

La da da da...hey, hey, hey...goodbye...

Hold up...

Only nigga to re-write history without a pen
No I.D. on the track, let the story begin, begin, begin...

Hold up...

This shit need a verse from Jeezy
I might send this to the mixtape Weezy
Get somebody from BMF to talk on this
Get this to a Blood, let a Crip walk on it
Gimme a thou' to style on this (?)
I just don't need nobody to smile on this
Y'all niggas singin' too much
Get back to rap, you T-Painin' too much
I'm a multi-millionaire, so how is it I'm still the hardest nigga here?
I don't be in the project hallway talkin' bout how I be in the project all day
That sounds stupid to me, if you a gangsta, this is how you prove it to me
Nigga, just get violent, this is death of autotune, moment of silence

La da da da...hey, hey, hey...goodbye...

Jay sounds invigorated over a track that immediately conjures a jazzier version of "Takeover" from The Blueprint. Jay's flow is sharp but simple, nonchalantly admonishing the Hipster/Hip-Pop movement with a light but biting commentary on the music that's been slowly driving "real rap" off radio and iTune playlists. A few cats get tapped, namely Yung Berg, but there was a backhanded comment about the "mixtape Weezy" and I know Diddy's upcoming album, Last Train To Paris, is supposed to be heavily influenced by autotune. I guess Kanye took autotune to it's zenith with 808's and Hov brings it back by burying it. Nice. Although he's obviously channeling B.I.G./Beanie Sigel with the "Uh" adlibs, it works. Hov delivers a vintage performance (circa 2001) and sounds as inspired on this track as on anything on American Gangster. Definitely a good sign.

The Blueprint³ is supposed to hit retailers (or bootleggers, depending on how you get down) on September 11th, the same day the OG album dropped in '01. The first single, "Off That featuring Drake", is supposed to drop sometime in July. Bashing autotuners but buddied up with Drake on the very next song?

Seems like the old head is hedging his bets.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, not really. More like "I'm moving". Things are gonna be slowing down around Amplified Grammar for the next month or so. I'm about to move the fam from Brooklyn back to Harlem and with that and some extra hours at the gig, new posts will be sporadic. Don't fret though, I'll be back to buisness sometime this summer, with some surprises. For all those who have come thru my doors, I appreciate it. My little corner of the interweb ain't much, but it's mine and I'm gonna continue to improve as a writer and keep weeding thru the BS to bring y'all the dopeness. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Frank Nitt Feat. DJ Quik & J. Black - Love

Frank Nitt, one half of the J. Dilla backed duo, Frank N Dank, has gone the solo route, releasing this single through the new Delicious Vinyl. I'm not sure if this is off his EP, The Concert Hall, or if it's from his upcoming debut, Stadium Music, but DJ Quik jumps in for a guest spot and I think the track is produced by Terrace Martin, so it should merit a listen just off GP.

J. Cole - Simba (Video)

The Roc nation signee's first visuals, from one of the illest joints off of his first mixtape, The Come Up. This joint is serious.

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