Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trademark The Skydiver & Young Roddy Are JETS International

With news that Curren$y signed a label deal with Warner Bros. still fresh on the streets blogs, Spitta's homeboys took a page out of his playbook & laced the net with some new music. Fresh bars over classic beats....

"Jet Threat"

"Nuthin' Less"

"Pilot Seat"

"What If"

Trade & Roddy specialize in the same hazy, weed influenced stoner raps with the New Orleans bred drawl as their CEO, but each has enough variation in their flow & a distinct enough voice to stand out just enough without outshining the crew. Joints like "Roasted" & "Hold On" are perfect examples of the trio's chemistry & probably played more then a small part in Warner Bros. decision to cut that check.

The JETS are taxiing the runway....Get Fly

Just A Thought
: So now WB has Gucci Mane, Curren$y & Rick Ross's imprints on their label. Since when did Warner Bros. become the new Koch Def Jam?

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