Monday, October 11, 2010

Curren$y - Michael Knight (Produced By SkiBeatz)

The first single off of Pilot Talk 2. Seems like Curren$y and Ski went for the quick flip, as they ready their second full length collaboration this year. Hey, as long as the quality of the music doesn't suffer, I can't be mad at em and judging by this single, I don't think quality is gonna be a issue.

Bonus: Mr. Peter Parker caught up with Spitta for a nice interview and they spoke on a number of topics, including Curren$y's early influences, his feelings on being an independent artist, thoughts on his homie Wiz Khalifa, his love of wildlife and the reasons why Michael Knight is the coolest dude ever.

Curren$y loves the kids.

Pilot Talk 2. November 16th. Get fly.


Just A Thought
: SkiBeatz is the illest. Just thought I'd say that.

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