Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cam'ron & The U.N. feat. Vado - Clap

Talk of Killa Cam's demise has been premature. Cats shitted on Crime Pays but I was one of the few waving the flag and I still think it was one of 2009's sleeper Hip-Hop albums. Revisit it and you'll see that the wordplay on that thing stands shoulder to shoulder to any of his earlier albums. Then Cam followed up with two highly underrated Boss Of All Bosses mixtapes with DJ Drama and a high profile feature with The Clipse, Cam's been working more this past 9 months then he had the past 3 years. As much of a Killa stan as I am, I'll admit that at times Cam has sounded less then enthusiastic about rapping, but on the first salvo off of his new group, The U.N.'s upcoming album, Cam’ron Presents The U.N. - Gunz N' Butta, he proves that the fire is still there. His protege, Vado, doesn't bring quite the same energy that Juelz used to, but he more then holds his own on the track next to the big homie.

Cam’ron Presents The U.N. - Gunz N' Buttais due to hit store shelves March 23rd on E1 Records.

Harlem, we back in the building!

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Newspitter said...

i know Jimmy jones is mad but for the sake of money i kno they will reunite (Dipset)

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