Friday, January 1, 2010

Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One (Video)

The new year brings another Jay-Z video off of the much ballyhooed BP3. Now anyone who follows me around the web knows I'm not the biggest fan of BP3 and this track was easily amongst my least favorite songs on the album. Over time, I've warmed up to it somewhat. Now I can see that Swizz made a banger and basically lobbed one right over the plate for Hov to knock out of the park. Problem is, this isn't Hard Knock Life Hov. Shit, this isn't even Kingdom Come Hov.

The whole thing seemed forced and now the accompanying video just furthers that theme. This avant garde black & white clip just screams "Trying to be different" and I'm not the one for conspiracy theories but for the cats screaming about Jay's (alleged) ties to the Illuminati, this clip should provide plenty of symbolic fodder to fuel their imaginations.

My final thoughts?

This shit wack, but knowing me, are you really surprised I feel that way? lol

Guess it's on to the next one....

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