Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dirty Money feat. Rick Ross - Angels (Remix) (Video)

Diddy recruits Rick Ross for this remix and as much as I love to fire a shot at the C.O., he continues to drop some potent verses. This joint is no exception. Something about Ross's shit popping is so visceral, so vivid...

"Lord forgive me I'm a sinner, oatmeal in the winter
Talkin' leather interior, oak wheel in the center
My niggas deal opium, still in the old BM
Condominiums in the center of Ethiopia
Dirty Money, all they seen on that Phantom plate
Creased blue jeans and it's treated like a cabaret
Fire shots now they need a roll of yellow tape
Where the Glock make a scene, I'm the F. Gary Grey..."

I can't front, dude is quietly becoming one of the better rappers to hit the scene in the past few years. If only he wasn't such an habitual liar.

But rappers are liars by nature. It's only natural Ross excels.

I know cats were shitting on this song early on, but c'mon son! Give props where it's deserved. This shit cold and the new vocals/visuals give the song a new tone. That Dirty Money album is gonna be a problem when it drops.

Bonus: Behind the scenes of the video shoot...

Just A Thought: A Rick Ross album executive produced by Diddy (ala American Gangster) would be epic.

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