Saturday, January 9, 2010

The A-Team Trailer

Is there any way this film is NOT gonna completely suck?

I pity the fool that actually pays money to see this.

This is what torrents are for.

But everybody plays the fool...sometimes. The A-Team hits your local cineplex June 11th, 2010.

Do you feel lucky like wasting 2 hours of your life?


NovemberEnd said...

this is probably "straight to DVD"type of movie...maybe like GI Joe the action is so good you'd ignore the terrible acting

AmpGeez said...

straight to DVD is being kind lol

Pago said...

Damn is that tank shooting a plane in mid-air?

I'll watch it.

But hey, at least Tyler Perry ain't playing Mr. T's character.

geico lizard said...

I knew when Rampage changed his mind and decided to comeback to the UFC this movie was whack.

Tony Grands said...

The prob with these remakes is that "they" wanna remix the original. Fuck that. I'd pay to see the real A-Team, old as shit (RIP Hannibal), on some mentor/boss shit. Same cornball effects, same rehashed story line, but on some Batman shit, when he got old & Robin had to take over the brand.