Thursday, December 24, 2009

Drake- It's Been A Pleasure

Just when I start to feel the hype was beginning to overshadow the talent, a new song from Drake surfaces on the 'net and it reaffirms why this kid deserves alot the accolades and attention he's been getting this year. With the ATL shoutouts and name drop towards the end of the verse, "It's Been A Pleasure" sounds like Drake's half of a collaboration with Young Jeezy and even without hearing Jeezy's vocals, it has single written all over it. The verse/hook is typical Drake, bouncing from debaucherous playboy right back to unheralded underdog, all balanced with a self awareness that reveals the calculated broad appeal of Drake.

Emotions in this game run deep so before these haters kill me in my sleep
I'd like to say it's been a pleasure
Reppin' to my last second, crew done alot of shit they'll never get to do
I'd like to say it's been a pleasure
Honored to be somebody they mention but before these niggas stop payin' attention
I'll just say it's been a pleasure
You'll never be somebody they need, tomorrow ain't guaranteed so tonight we gonna do it like this

Set up the occasion, I'm up in the place and
If amazin' was a young bitch, I'd be goin to jail cause I'm fuckin Amazin'
What's up for the taking? I'm ready & I'm willing, why the fuck are we waiting?
And baby you should bring your best friend
Then you should persuade her to let me get some sex in
Don't get offended baby, that's just a suggestion
Really we can do it however (hey!), you (hey!), like (uh)
I'm prolly in your hotel tonight, whatever floor that me and 40 stayin' on, it's smellin riiight
Just know we grindin' till it's light out
Show up to your city, turn that muhfucka right out
Tell me who controls kings?
I don't follow rules, stupid ol' things
I'm ridin' through the city in a coupe with those wings
My team deserves some muhfuckin' Super Bowl rings
Uh Yeah
And I know we gon' get it, me & Jeezy bout whatever shawty, holla if you wit it
Even though I want it to, this shit don't last forever
But better late then never honestly, I'd like to say it's been a pleasure

Dude might have one flow but he uses it effectively every time out and we all know, "Repetition is the father of learning" (c) Lil' Wayne. I'm not sure if this is supposed to make TM103 or Thank Me Later (or either, seeing as how Drake used the Super Bowl line on the Young Money album), but either way, I still wanna hear a finished version.

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