Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pill - 4075: The Refill (Mixtape)

He already gave ya'll The Prescription, now Pill comes back to give the fiends another hit with The Refill.

Pill, DJ Skee & The Empire - 4075: The Refill

This tape is brought to you by DJ Skee & The Empire, and much props to them both, but me? I'm going with the No DJ version.

Update: I've been somewhat of a lukewarm supporter of Pill. With his first batch of songs, I could hear the potential but I still hadn't bought into him as a credible artist, especially when you have a talent like Freddie Gibbs in the exact same lane, putting out top notch material. But after giving this new tape a listen, it appears Pill has stepped up to the plate and delivered some of his strongest music to date. Here's a sample...

Pain In They Eyes

Bonus: Because I slept on posting this when it dropped...

Pill - Trap Goin Ham from Motion Family on Vimeo.

"...the trap keep a nigga fresher than a peppermint, white house got me a pocket full of Presidents..."

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