Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lil' Boosie Sentenced To 4 Years Behind Bars

Here's the official statement via Ozone
Yesterday, November 9, 2009, Torrance Hatch, better known as the hit-making Rapper, Lil’ Boosie, was sentence to four years in the Louisiana Department of Corrections for 3rd Offense Possession of Marijuana, a felony in Louisiana. Judge Richard “Chip” Moore of the East Baton Rouge Parish Court handed down a ten year sentence today, but suspended six years, which will allow Hatch be released in as little as 16 months on parole or approximately 21 months with good behavior.

When Hatch originally entered a guilty plea in September, the Court promised Hatch a sentence of two years if Hatch abided by all conditions of bond pending sentencing. These conditions included an electronic ankle monitoring device and prior court approval to leave home for any purpose, including promotion of his Top Ten release of “SuperBad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz.” Hatch violated this agreement and thus received a more severe sentence than originally contemplated.

Hatch AKA Lil Boosie was remanded yesterday.

Boosie, himself, has written the following statement:
“I made some very foolish choices, but I was doing the best I could to provide for my family before I went away to jail. Clearly I exercised terrible judgment and I hope to get the opportunity to prove that I can make great decisions for my family and the community in the future. Boosie may be gone but he won’t be forgotten. He recently put the finishing touches on the feature film: “Ghetto Stories: The Movie” due out early 2010 and has just wrapped shooting the DVD: “Boosie The Last Days.”

I can't condone stupidity. Plain and simple.

You never wanna see a man get locked up but it seems like the boy Boosie was living wild reckless. Hold ya head my dude.

Bonus: A parting gift of sorts...

01. Bout It, Bout It Ft. Lil Quick, Lil Jas & Hatch Boy
02. She Goes So Hard Ft. Lil Quick & Jersee Fatz
03. Be Careful Ft. Money Bag$
04. I Did You Wrong Ft. Lil Quick
05. Down Here Ft. Lil Quick, Lil Jas & Money Bag$
06. If I Could Change Ft. Lil Quick & Money Bag$
07. I Been Icy
08. My Children
09. Death Around The Corner Ft. Lil Quick & Yung Giga
10. They Scared
11. Bossman Ft. Bad Azz Ent.
12. Missin You
13. I Ain't Mad At Cha
14. Did Her Wrong
15. Until The End Of Time Ft. Money Bag$
16. Late Night Flights

Lil' Boosie - The 25th Hour

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