Monday, November 16, 2009

The Kid Daytona - 1st Class Upgrade

"Ayo, gimme some rice pilaf in this shit!"

New heat rock from Tona and 6th. Emphasis on the Rock. This song is fire!

I think Daytona successfully shed the "hipster" label with his free album, Come Fly With Me, but even with the quality work he's already put in this year, he still manages to get slept on crazy, lost in a sea of freshman MC's with more hype and bigger machines. But for the new jacks coming out of New York, I'm putting money on Daytona in 2010. Good music can only stay off the mainstream radar but so long.

Look out for that "Contact" video featuring Kardinal Offishall off of Come Fly With Me later on in the week.

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