Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Official! Beanie Sigel Signs To G-Unit

So the deal to bring Beans over to the dark side is finally done. Now I know alot of people see this as a bad move for Beanie. They look at what happened to Mase, M.O.P. & Mobb Deep when they signed to the Unit and see Sigel's situation the same way. My thing is, Sigel is a better rapper then any other artist that's been signed to the label. Years of jail and hard drugs had me believing he'd fell off a few years back when The Solution dropped but dude has been dropping some ill guest verses lately (Max B. "What You Want From Me", Raekwon "Have Mercy", Freeway's "Last 2") and his "official mixtape" (???) The Broad Street Bully was pretty solid, as far as "official mixtapes" go. At one point, Sigel was the closest thing the East Coast had to an artist like Scarface, which is evident on his best effort, the classic (Yeah, I said it), The B. Coming. A return to form would result in some amazing music.

Beanie Sigel has gotten a second chance at a real Hip-Hop career with Fif and G-Unit. His talent and Fif's resources? Looks like a win, at least on paper..

We get our first taste of their new partnership this Friday when Sig drops his new song "I Go Off" featuring his new boss Curtis. I know all the 50 Cent haters/Jay-Z stans are holding their collective breath right now lol.

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Pago said...

Damn, I can't believe you called the B. Coming a classic.

But I do agree it's a good album. I used to play Purple Rain nonstop when it first came out.