Saturday, November 28, 2009

"I Know You, Dog"

More real talk from Beanie Sigel.

AllHipHop got some time with Beanie while backstage at 50 Cent's MySpace show at The Highline Ballroom here in Manhattan last week. Sig confirms that he's not actually signed to G-Unit as of yet but like the last few interviews he's done, the interesting parts of the interview are his feelings on Jay-Z.

I can't understand the heads that are frowning on Beanie's recent comments/songs about Jay-Z. I was already thinking alot of shit that Beans is saying but now someone from Hov's inner circle has finally stepped up to validate what I've seen for the longest. Jay is a shady dude. But I'll let Sig tell it.

Sounds like Beans has more then a few valid points. We're all still waiting for Jay-Z to make one.

Bonus: Here's more footage from that MySpace show where Fif and Beans performed "I Go OFF".

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