Saturday, November 14, 2009

Game Time?

Big Money (Clean) Produced By Cool & Dre

Krazy feat. Gucci Mane & Timbaland Produced By Timbaland

These songs are ancient in internet time but I had to let these ride with me for a minute before I spoke on em. My first impression? Trash. The beats for both tracks sounded amateurish considering the big name producers behind them (well, maybe not so much Cool & Dre, but definitely Timb...well, considering his recent output, not him either), and lyrically, Game sounds the same as he has since his first album. Take that how you will. Having tuned out "The" Game awhile back (right around the time he dropped L.A.X. to be exact), I knew just going off my initial reaction wouldn't be fair to these shitty songs so I chilled, even the thought of this still makes me cringe.

Funny thing is, even with an open mind, forgetting the fact that "The" Game has contradicted everything he's ever said on and off wax, I cannot tell a lie, thses songs just aren't very good. Cool & Dre serve up a decent track that actually sounds like it was intended for a West Coast artist (good for them) but Game's on cruise control lyrically and the hook is a lazy Willie D jack. Is that the best you can do Jayceon? Timbaland hooks another sucker with this weak Shock Value 2 leftover of a beat and a verse that clearly shows Game doesn't give a fuck what goes on his albums. Gucci Mane takes the hint and coasts with a hook that's a re-tread of his own single, "Wasted", and a 16 that sounds like he was nodding off in the booth.

This street/official single line up is the weakest of his career. Unless the rest of the album is produced by Dr. Dre or he and 50 have a collabo track going at Jay-Z, I don't see The R.E.D Album making it out of the red.

Is "The" Game's time up?

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