Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dirty Money - Love Come Down (Video)

Yeah, sampling Jay-Z's voice is a tired trope in Hip-Hop (Blame Swizz Beatz) but this joint actually goes. Dawn and Kaleena have a dope sound to match their "unique" beauty. You know, that type of chick that may not be your primary target but if you caught her in the diner after the club lets out and you've exhausted all other options, she could get it. Of course Diddy is all over the record, dancing all in the video. But this time it's his album so it's to be expected.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Dirty Money girls without Puff hogging the spotlight. If Last Train To Paris is a success, those girls should get a large percent of the credit. Diddy's just reciting what his ghostwriters have cooked up for him, letting the girls do the heavy work and slapping his name on the finished product. Again, nothing new.

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