Friday, November 13, 2009

Dirty Money feat. Drake - Hurt (Loving You No More)

This got leaked along with a couple of other Drake tracks from the (unofficial) Heartbreak Drake Pt. 3: The First Semester mixtape and it's another heat rock from Diddy and Dirty Money. Diddy goes back into singer mode for this one and the even though his vocals are auto-tuned beyond recognition, it works. Dawn and Kalenna lend their talents to the backing vocals and adlibs, but I wouldn't be surprised if they lent their pens to this one as well. Very grown and sexy but still with a Hip-Hop edge which has basically been Diddy's trademark from the jump. The subject matter is familiar ground for Drake who drops in for a quick sixteen (a slightly generic sixteen, you ask me).

This makes it 3 for 3 off that Last Train To Paris. He tried to tell you that they wouldn't stop and at this point, you can't help but believe him.

You can grab that Drake mixtape here...

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