Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cory Gunz - Gettin' Money

I've never been sure where to put Cory Gunz on that long list of up and coming MC's. The talent is apparent and it's been that way for a while now. I'd heard talk of Peter Gunz (from Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz fame) having a son that could rap but I remember seeing him spit for the first time on SMACK DVD, this little dude completely ripping Cam's "Get Em Girl" instro to shreds.

Over the years dude hasn't been the most consistent artist and he failed to capitalize on the heat he had after he stole the spotlight on the OG version of Lil' Wayne's "A Milli". Still, from time to time he'd drop a joint that would remind me of his potential. My problem with Cory Gunz is that his rapid fire style started to lose some of the cohesiveness it once had. Words were rhyming at a rapid pace, but the couplets didn't always connect. Style started to overtake substance. This joint, where Cory jacks Juvenile's song with Plies (off Juvie's new album Cocky & Confident) gave me some new hope that Cory's figured it out. He finds the balance on this one and even when he speeds up the tempo, the punchline continue to make sense.

Cory's Gangster Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, Heir To The Throne, didn't get as much attention as he might have liked but if he can stay locked in and continue to rhyme at this level, people won't be able to overlook what he brings to the table.

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c said...

I completely agree! Cor showed he knows how to do it allon Heir tho the Throne. He can do hardcore D-Block bars, a cool club tune with Ryan Leslie and lyrical gymnastics. Heir to The THrone is on my best albums of 09 list!