Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Clipse - Footsteps

The Clipse's Till The Casket Drops leaked last night and it's all I've been playing since I snatched it up. I know, I've been hard on the first group of songs that I've heard from the album, and maybe that was just due to how highly I thought of the sound and direction they went with on Hell Hath No Fury.

In comparison, Till The Casket Drops is lighter sonically as well as lyrically but don't mistake that for the Clipse falling for the crossover. Nah. In fact, I think Malice and Pusha have fully distinguished themselves from one another and I credit that to Malice seemingly finding his true voice. Not downplaying Pusha's contributions but there's an reflective spirituality to his verses throughout the album and while he's touched on similar subject matter in the past, it seems like Mal is totally comfortable rapping from this perspective which adds an optimistic new wrinkle to the group dynamic that pushes this new album past alot of other releases this year. One of my early faves is the DJ Khalil produced Footsteps. The Clipse have balanced the coke rap with some real talk and the results are still just as potent.

Till The Casket Drops in stores December 8th and it's sounding like a must cop.

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