Monday, November 16, 2009

The Clipse feat. Cam’ron - Popular Demand (Popeyes) (Video)

It's almost worth sitting through Pusha and Cam's so-so 16's to get to Malice's gem filled verse. The visuals are particularly hood (Brooklyn, what up?!). I'd credit that to Rik Cordero (Little X on a budget).

The good people over at Hypebeast got to sit down with The Clipse for a interview where alot of topics get discessed, notably the brothers Play Cloths line, KAWS and some insight into past projects as well as the new album.

The Clipse - Further Down the Road to: "Til the Casket Drops" from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

Til The Casket Drops...December 8th.

Just A Thought: I know times are hard and Crime Pays didn't sell that many copies, but Cam looks like he's starving. I mean, literally. Look how son is going in on that snack box lol. The day Cam peels off that fitted to reveal some cornrolls is the day I officially give up on the Dips. I'm dead fucking serious too.

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