Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beyoncé feat. Lady GaGa - Video Phone (Extended Remix) (Video)

Beyonce's 8th single (you heard me right, 8th!) off of I Am...Sasha Fierce gets new life with a remix featuring Lady GaGa. I've been trying to think of something clever to say, but I've watched the video a couple of times and all I can think of is...

Beyoncé is a bad muthafucka.

Maybe I'll come back to this when I can think of something more tactful.

Or maybe not.


Mikey McFly™ said...

This video... Best played on mute with Moments in love by Art of Noise playing in the background

The Virgin Queen: YonAndrogynous said...

Beyonce sells sex greatly!

AmpGeez said...

@ Mikey

Dually noted. I'm gonna have to try that lol.

@ The Virgin Queen

If she's selling it, I'm buying lol