Thursday, November 5, 2009

50 Cent feat. Ne-Yo - Baby by Me (Video)

Curtis getting his "Cliff Huxtable" on in this one, but with Kelly Rowland playing "wifey" (looking especially right, I must say), why wouldn't he? lol

This is one of the few tracks on Before I Self Destruct that will get played on the radio and although it took some getting used to, this one has grown on me. First off, not a fan of Ne-Yo but even a hater such as myself can admit the guy can write. Sure I wanted to hate it, but after repeated listens (as well as hearing the inferior OG track with a different singer & a different hook), I had to admit, the shit's catchy. 50's glaringly elementary rhymes (which threw me at first) act as a brief respite from the "Shoot, Stab, Slang" songs which dominate most of the album. Thing is, as dumbed down as I think these verses are, that's exactly what's gonna make this song a hit. Will it be a big enough hit to generate some actual sales? Can't say, but Before I Self Destruct is still the album 50 Cent fans have been waiting for since Get Rich Or Die Trying but more importantly, it's the album 50 needed to make.

Bonus: Fif continues the Crime Wave with Stretch (Crime Wave Pt. 2).

Seems like he's trying to slide in Cam's lane but so far....

Pimpin' Curly > Crime Wave

I can't wait to see Before I Self Destruct: The Movie*.

* I was being sarcastic.

Before I Self Destruct hits stores November 16th.


geico lizard said...

I co sign everything you said Amp. Fellas were so focused on Beyonce and Farrah(that week she was in Destinys Child), they forgot about kelly rowland being sexy too.

Pago said...

I totally agree with you. As far as chick songs go, Hold Me Down is pretty good too.