Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wale feat. Chrisette Michelle - Shades

Wale feat. Chrisette Michelle - Shades(Produced By 9th Wonder)

I'm not the biggest fan of Wale, the "persona", but every now and then he'll make a song which makes me believe he's worthy of some of the love he receives. Shades is one of those songs. On it, Wale describes how his immigrant upbringing shaped a somewhat skewed view of color and race and the way he's able to relate his unique experience being Nigerian and insecurities without being overly melodramatic (ahem, Drake, ahem) makes him almost sympathetic, which for Wale is a tall task. Attention Deficit (Nov. 10th) looks like it might actually deliver as promised.

Just A Thought: 9th is killing em right now.


geico lizard said...

ROFFLE@that picture you used. That song he has with Bun B is good.

Pago said...

"9th is killing em right now."

Most definitely. This song ,and the one with David Banner are on-point.

BTW, that stream is actually Beautiful Bliss not Shades.

AmpGeez said...

Good lookin'