Monday, October 19, 2009

Triple C's feat Gucci Mane - Trickn Off (Video)

Triple C's feat Gucci Mane - Trickn Off

I'm usually against songs of this type. Cats is doing enough trickin' as it is (and yes, it's still trickin', even if you got it). Luckily, "Whatever You Like" this is not. I'll give the C.O. & his deputies a pass on this one just for the Gucci verse.

"Diamond chain around my neck? I call it Bloody Mary
Purple vette parked at the crib? I call it Welch’s jelly
Blue and white new droptop beemer? I call it Papa Smurf
And if ya take ya nigga word? Call that alotta nerve...."

Young Droish? Kinda. But why not flip that style, especially when you have a frame of reference as out there as Gucci's.

And it's not like Dro is using it these days anyway.

Off of the classic* album, Custom Cars & Cycles, in stores next Tuesday.

1. Custom Cars & Clips
2. White Sand
3. Break It Down (Feat. Bun B)
4. Go (Feat. Rick Ross & Birdman)
5. We Getting It
6. Trickn Off (Feat. Gucci Mane)
7. Throw It In The Sky
8. Erryday (Feat. Young Jeezy & JW)
9. Customized
10. Gangsta Shit (Feat. The Game)
11. Finer Things (Feat. Masspike Miles)
12. Chickn Talkn (Feat. Mack 10 & Warren G)
13. Diamonds & Maybachs Pt. 2 (Feat. Suede Royale)
14. Hustla (Feat. Masspike Miles)
15. Yams Pt. 2 (Feat. Yo Gotti)

* - I can't claim credit for that line, I just snatched it from the video. A bit delusional but considering the players involved, it's really not out of character lol.


Meggie P said...

You read my mind re: Gucci encroaching on Dro's signature car colors. I would love a mixtape with those two.

AmpGeez said...

I could definitely see that happening.

Now if they can just get Crayola to sponsor it lol.