Friday, October 9, 2009

T.I. - Hell Of A Life (Video)

Kinda late with this but that should show you exactly where this song ranks with me.

Nope, they ain't let the boy, T.I. out early. This is just another release from the batch of songs that were supposed to make the re-release of last year's Paper Trail, which has since been shelved. In the States, that is. The U.K. got Paper Trail: Case Closed EP, which was the 3 singles from the album as well as Hell Of A Life and Remember Me featuring Mary J. Blige. Even though I really dug the joint with Mary, this cut could've stayed unreleased. Produced by Jim Jonsin, this song sounds similar to much of the material that was on Paper Trail musically but the lyrics? Kinda empty, especially considering what was going on in T.I.'s life when it was recorded.

I appreciate the visuals but I'd rather go without a new T.I. video for a while then be subjected to music recorded simply to be pieced out while the "King" is paying his debt to society. I'll pass and just wait until Tip comes home and whips up a new batch.

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