Monday, October 26, 2009

The Return Of Mixtape Weezy

So Wayne copped out to that gun charge he was facing here in New York. Wise move. The 8 months to a year he's looking at are light time compared to the 3 & 1/2 years the DA would've sought had he been convicted. I'm sure the "Lil" guy will be okay on Rikers Island. He has enough money and influence to get a nice private room for his stay and a little jail time can do wonders for a rapper's career. Look at artists like 2Pac and Tip. They did bids (or in T.I.'s case, doing bids) and came home without missing a step. I expect the same from Wayne. Consider it a vacation of sorts. A little time to recharge the batteries and get his mind right.

At any rate, Wayne has decided to bless the people with a flood of music in the upcoming months, including his rock album, Rebirth and the Young Money compilation, both due out in December. But first up is Lil' Wayne's return to the mixtape circuit with his first tape since Dedication 3. No Ceilings, hosted by DJ Drama (That dude seems to be on every mixtape that matters these days), is supposed to hit the 'net on Halloween and a couple of joints have been freed up to whet the collective appetites of the bloggerverse.

Truthfully, I haven't really been checkin for Wayne in a minute. Dedication 3 was a disappointment (Blame it on the Auto-Tune) and the recent leaks have either been songs from a year ago just surfacing free of tags or they've been throwaways from the Rebirth project (ugh). Really nothing worth writing about. But these new mixtape joints remind me of when Weezy was beasting on the mixtape game. Maybe that sideways jab from Jay-Z on "D.O.A" lit the fire under Wayne? Or maybe his upcoming jail time has inspired him to crank out some material to hold down the fans till his release. Honestly, the only thing that matters is Wayne seems to be back on his grizzly and that means new heat for your stereo iTunes. DJ Drama & Lil' Wayne's No Ceilings comes out Friday and you already know you can get it right here when it drops.

P.S. - "Swag Surfin'" is kinda crazy.

"Run This Town"

"Swag Surfin"


Props to Mr. X for the linkage (pause).

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geico lizard said...

Wayne kills the mixtapes when he raps over other peoples popular songs. Birdman needs to pay money for better beats and Wayne would kill the albums lyrically like he kills mixtapes.