Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Snoop Dogg - ‘Protocol’

Snoop Dogg - Let It Rain

Can't say I was anticipating Snoop's upcoming 10th album, Malice N Wonderland. Not that I don't mess with Snoop like that.I thought Tha Blue Carpet Treatment was one of his better albums but he followed it up with Ego Trippin',an enjoyable album (even if it's kinda long) just based on the strength of Snoop's natural star power but with admissions of ghost writers and reality TV factoring into his image, I couldn't help but think the Dogg had fallen for the crossover. And why not? He's more then earned the right. Snoop Dogg is icon status. But somewhere along the line he started singing just a little too much, softening up just a bit. You can't blame me for wanting him to deliver one more classic gangster rap album, the same way Jay-Z revisited his Reasonable Doubt days with American Gangster and the same way Rae took in back to 97 with OB4Cl2. I've heard Snoop's new single with The-Dream & it's cool, but I'm almost near the point of being sick of The-Dream. Nothing personal. I had already written off this new album as Ego Trippin': Part Deux till I heard Protocol. Now I don't know who produced it (It sounds like Dre, but at this point, Dre is really Nottz, Hi-Tek, Denaun Porter, etc. so I'll wait till I can check the credits), I don't know who ghost wrote it, but this is the Snoop I want to hear, older & wiser but still full of the same shit he was on back in the Gin & Juice days. I doubt there'll be an album full of tracks like it, actually I'm pretty sure there won't be, but it's a good step in the right direction IMO. Hearing this made me listen to the assorted Malice... tracks that have leaked online and I came to the Scott Storch produced Let It Rain, the first leak if I remember correctly, and it's not too far from ‘Protocol’, even though I'm not sure it'll still make the album.

Timbaland ft. T-Pain & Missy Elliot - Talk

Cats clowned Timbaland's contributions to BP3 when they leaked, and Timbaland responded by saying he was "saving his best stuff for Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II". Time to show and prove. This song was still unfinished when it leaked a while back with just Tim & T-Pain's verses (one Timbaland verse was basically a reference) but this version adds Missy Elliot to the mix and relegates T-Pain to the hook. If they'd scrap one of Missy's new verses and give it to Pain, I think they'd have certified hit but word is the final version is supposed to have a verse from Lil' Wayne on it. Talk about overkill lol. Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II is dropping in December. I thought the last album was an interesting mix of genres but the early buzz is saying this time around it's gonna be crazy. There's a Brandy/Drake joint on there that I'm hearing is incredible. Speaking of Drake....

Drake feat. Birdman - More Milli

Better then any song featuring Birdman (without Wayne) has any right to be. Baby (nh) sounds better then I've ever heard him. Seriously. He needs to get Drake to write for him more often. As usual, Drake does his thing here (has he ever dropped a weak 16?), even going so far as to basically point to the rafters ala Babe Ruth and say he can sell a million copies of Thank Me Later it's first week out. Cocky for a rookie but after selling 100,000 copies of a mixtape that came out for free last year, I can't put it past him. Not sure what this is gonna end up on.

Amerie feat Trey Songz - Pretty Brown Eyes

I'm late on this one (been slackin' on the R&B lately), but seeing Amerie & Trey Songz together on a track got my attention. Especially since they essentially update Mint Condition's classic slow jam, "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" with update meaning jacking the hook and slapping it on a completely different song. Sounds like a recipe for disaster but the two manage to pull it off. With the low first week numbers of his latest & recent internet fuckery surrounding my dude Trey, he can use a couple of photo ops with a female right about now. Amerie's In Love & War drops Nov. 3rd.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat Jay Rush & Lyfe Jennings - See Me Shine

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have been reunited with all 5 members for a minute now, working on their new album (entitled Uni-5 or The World's Enemy, depending on where you look). Their last effort, 2007's Strength & Loyalty was another attempt in a long line of comebacks and though it succeeded (the album went over well with critics and fans alike) the group was only a trio at the time. With Flesh home after a 10 year bid and Bizzy being welcomed back in the fold for the first time since 02's Thug World Order you'd figure they'd need some time to re establish their chemistry. Even though they've leaked a handful of tracks over the last 8-9 months, this new track featuring Lyfe Jennings & Jay Rush(?) is the first song that sounds like an authentic Bone Thugs record. I liked Strength & Loyalty but hearing Bizzy & Flesh's voices back with Krayzie, Layzie & Wish made me realize how much better they are as a unit. And Lyfe can't even manage to ruin this one lol. Hip-Hop's version of The Temptations is back and if they can make a whole album of music on this level, they might make their biggest comeback to date.

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