Friday, October 2, 2009

Kimbo Takes An L...Again

So Kimbo Slice lost to some fat white guy on UFC's The Ultimate Fighter. After losing to that gay dude on CBS about a year ago, you'd think the big homie would go into The Ultimate Fighter with a point to prove. Well, think again. Most of the episode (I just started tuning in this week) was spent on humanizing Kimbo and as likeable a guy as he comes off, personality doesn't win fights. Granted, Kimbo got paired up with Roy "Big Country" Nelson, a former heavyweight champ from another MMA organization with a pro record of 13-4. That experience is nothing to sneeze at but looking at the man you'd figure the only guy he's made tap out is the chef at the all you can eat buffet.

Honestly, only reason I tuned in was to see Kimbo wreck this guy, so you can imagine my surprise when I realized mid way through the first round that Kimbo was about to take a loss. Not that Nelson put on a great display of his talents. He basically jabbed and dodged untill he got rocked by a Kimbo punch, took Slice to the ground and layed on top of him while he threw kid punches that look like they had no effect at all. It was obvious from this fight that Kimbo's ground game is still non existent, but that can be worked on (hopefully). My concern was the lack of aggression and confidence in the ring. Where was the guy that used to do this to cats on the reg?

Luckily Kimbo has a few things in his favor. One, Big Country basically won the fight by smothering Kimbo with his blubber. It's not like he got KO'd (like last time). Two, Kimbo's match with Nelson was the highest-rated MMA show in history. Early numbers estimate 5.3 million viewers tuned in for the show and 6.1 million tuned in just to watch the fight at the end. Kimbo's too much of a cash cow to just discard him, because he's proven that even after a loss, people still want to see him in the octagon. I just hope dude is able to rekindle some of that fire he used to have, cause Nelson did just enough to win. Any of the seasoned UFC vets would have done some real damage.


Pago Considerate said...

I don't know. It looks like Kimbo needs to work on his footwork. He just let that dude wrestle him to ground.

Besides, Kimbo got chicken legs. Need to beef them bad boys up.

geico lizard said...

Ratings are at record highs so they will keep finding ways to get Kimbo on the show. Kimbo cant beat a Frank Mir or Brock Lesnar right now but the fights would be the highest MMA pay per views ever.