Thursday, October 8, 2009

Killer Mike ft. Big Kuntry - I’mma Fool Wit It (Video)

Killer Mike ft. Big Kuntry Im A Fool Wit It from THA BIZNESS on Vimeo.

As a whole, Killer Mike's Underground Atlanta compilation was kinda hit or miss, but Mike held down his end with a bunch of of bangers, I'mma Fool Wit It being one of them. With an assist from his new Grand Hustle patna, Big Kuntry King (an underrated rapper IMO), Mike gives this track "The Hangover" treatment and needless to say, this might be a little NSFW, so use caution lol.

Just A Thought: When I first heard him, he was Killer, he blew up as Killer, I'mma call him Killer.


geico lizard said...

Ill also call him "Killer". If he looks at his talent and the famous rappers he has always aligned with then the violent name is the only thing he has left to blame the low record sales on so he changed that.
50 cent talked about "The Killers" rock group have their name and still sell albums so maybe Killa Mike has to look at some other reason like the down economy. 50 also talked about MOP needing to workout and lose weight so Mike might want to look into dropping pounds to bring in more ladies to his music. I dont know the formula but at this point even 50 cents formula isnt working for him right now so it may not work for others.

AmpGeez said...

I think Mike Bigga is just Killer Mike's way of branding himself for Grand Hustle. It definitely doesn't roll off the tongue lol. The fans that embraced Mike from the jump will always call him Killer