Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sean Price Is Straight Spittin'

Too hard for white linen, straight, no white denim
You like white women that listen to Lyfe Jennings
I black Nike Venom with the white stripe in em
Black Levi's with the knife to strike, get em, P!
I'm a gun boy, two in your dome, nigga
Dumb boy, I one Troy Funeral Home niggas
Listen, I'm smooth like Romello on Sugar Hill
You a john on Hunts Point, you be where the hookers chill
Fake chains on rap niggas be lookin' real
Bullshittin' & trippin', like I just took a pill
You do Coach bags, I do kush bags
You a douche bag, I'm the truth, fag
Share greedy, Y'all niggas get scared easy
Queer like multiple pairs of Air Yeezy's, P!
Illest nigga in Bucktown, I snuff clowns
SK, Torae, Sean P, Duck Down"

Sean Price feat. Torae & Skyzoo - DuckDown off the upcoming Kimbo Slice mixtape , hopefully coming soon.

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