Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ninjasonik - Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant

New single from Bushwick's own, Ninjasonik. Consisting of two DJ's (Reverend McFly & DJ Teen Wolf) and an MC (Telli Gramz), Ninjasonik has been bubbling on the indie scene with their brand of "Crunk/Punk". They refer to their stuff as a mix of "Ol' Dirty Bastard & GG Allin" and after seeing them live, that's probably the best way to describe them. I went to a couple of Ninjasonik shows when I still lived in Brooklyn and the typical Ninjasonik crowd is...well, let's just say, eclectic. I didn't rock my tight ass jeans (maybe next time) but blunts & Sparks were in abundance. These guys know how to rock a show.

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