Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Goes Dumb At MTV's 2009 VMA's

I know Taylor Swift. Not because I've actually listened to her music or watched her videos. No, I know Taylor Swift because she was in the Hannah Montana movie I took my daughter to see this summer. That gives you an idea of Taylor Swift's fan base. I'm not totally objecting to Kanye getting up and making an ass out of himself. He does that all the time anyway & it's been working for him. But Taylor Swift? Yeezy coulda chose a better target. Reports stated West was inebriated and this pic of Ye with a nearly empty (big boy) bottle of Hennessy surfaced to confirm those reports.

MTV confirmed that West got kicked from the VMA's due to the disturbance he was causing, but even in his absence his presence was felt. Kanye's name got loud boo's every time it was mentioned. And Kanye's response (via his blog, of course)...?

Now I've given Kanye respect for being outspoken in the past, but if this whole incident isn't some elaborate ruse to generate ratings for MTV, then I think Yeezy really needs to check himself. Things are beginning to get weird, and weird is not good.

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