Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"It's That Dirty Money..."

Hype Williams behind the lens.

Dirty Money - Angels

Dirty Money - Love Comes Down

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to pick this one apart. It's definitely not the most original piece Diddy ever done, but this is the man who got rich re-purposing other artists hit records so this is nothing new. I had it a while back and laughed at Diddy's emo T-Pain rendition, but after a couple of spins, I can't lie, It grew on me. Mostly because of the actual lyrics and vocal production, which I'm gonna go ahead and credit to the other members of Dirty Money, Dawn & Kaleena , but for a cat who can't really sing, Diddy kills this shit.

The sound he's going for is a natural growth from the "Last Night" joint with Keyshia Cole, off his last album, Press Play, which is underrated if you ask me. The Big verses are old but they mesh perfectly with the track. Plus, old Big 16's are still light years ahead of what cats are spitting today, over ten years later, let's be real. Video's nothing special, but Hype can make nothing look like something entertaining. The other joint features the girls more prominently & sounds fit for any club/dance floor. I don't know much about Kaleena's credentials but Dawn is only member of Danity Kane that Diddy held on to and I've always though she's a talented writer and vocalist, the standout of her former group. It's R&B/Pop/Rap all rolled into one and if this is the direction Diddy's next album, Last Train To Paris, is going in, I'm actually kinda interested. Dude gets a bad rap and he's done some foul shit to where it's somewhat deserved, but he's never bricked as a solo artist and I'm doubtful this new album is gonna break that trend. This is what he does.

Just A Thought: For a video that features a group, there seems to be an awful lot of Diddy in this clip.

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Pusha K said...

I'm in class *not listening to the lecture* and I stumbled across your blog. I love it! I have to disagree on Diddy not "bricking" as a solo. "Forever" was the worst.

-Side note: Where can i find a D/L link for No Way Out? I cant find the torrent anywhere.