Friday, September 4, 2009

Drinking Game: Every Time Wale Says His Own Name In A Verse, You Take A Shot.

Wale - "Ice & Rain"

Aside from that Ga-Ga-Garbage 1st single, all Wale's leaked shit has been aight, even though I'm slightly partial to his more Go-Go influenced joints. This one was left off of his upcoming debut, Attention Deficit. It just received an XL rating in XXL magazine but I'm still on the fence. Dude has wordplay but his flow does get a tad annoying at times. Plus, from what I've been able to gather from the bloggerverse...Wale comes off a bit full of himself. Okay, a lot full of himself, especially considering he hasn't really done much but put out one mixtape that got alot of critical love & get on a XXL cover with 9 other rappers. You gotta at least appear somewhat humble, fam. And grow a thicker skin, especially when you fuckin' with these innernutz. Shit is real in the field and you can get your feelings hurt very quickly.

Attention Deficit in stores Oct. 20th. Support the man before he writes a suicide letter on Twitter and offs himself on UStream.


Pago said...

That title is classic.

New game for the labor day weeekend.

Never been a wale fan myself.

Pusha K said...

LMAO @ the title. That nigga would say "Name Wale prolly know me from the rap". He is annoying to me and has a monotone flow. I bet he"d be a great ghost writer. His delivery seems a little (Talib reference) "its like niggas gotta be disrespected and thrown out the exit to get the message"