Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amplified Grammar Presents The Alternative Vol. 1

I listen to alot of Hip-Hop. I mean ALOT lol. Nearly a terabyte worth of Hip-Hop (Okay, I admit it, I have a problem). That's one of the reasons I started this blog, to give my opinions on Hip-Hop (like anybody gives a shit). But I'm gonna let my loyal Amplified Grammar readers in on a little secret (Hi Ma!). I listen to other shit too. I'm not one of those cats who takes pride in the fact he listens to music no one has ever heard of. I just like the music I like.

I tend to keep my musical tastes outside of Hip-Hop to myself. Blame it on growing up in a climate where singing along to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" in the wrong crowd could earn you an ass whuppin'. But the years have enlightened me somewhat (not to mention I'm grown enough to throw hands over my tunes) and in turn, I will enlighten you guys. I took my iPod, shook it's contents out on the floor and put together a playlist of the different stuff I listen to through out the day. Now me being the Hip-Hop head I am, of course some rap slipped into the mix, but probably not exactly what you're used to. But if you're anything like me, you listen to enough rap, that's why Amplified Grammar Presents The Alternative Vol. 1...

1. Girlfriend - Phoenix
2. Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
3. Countdown - Christian Rich
4. Up And Out - Jade
5. Do Your Thing - Orgone
6. If The World - Guns N' Roses
7. No More - J*Davey
8. Man On The Moon (The Anthem) - KiD CuDi
9. Love Eclipse ft Third Eye Blind - Freebass 808
10. California Waiting - Kings Of Leon
11. Orange Shirt - Discovery
12. The Underdog - Spoon
13. Beya - Georgia Anne Muldrow
14. Turn My Music High - Tokin Black Guy
15. Long Gone - Chris Cornell
16. GETO BOYS (Demo) - Glass Candy
17. Animal - New Kingdom
18. Allure (Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.) - Ratatat
19. Blue Girl - Q-Tip
20. Strictly Game - The Harlem Shakes
21. Look After You - The Fray
22. Hoochie Coo ft. Mos Def & Jim Jones - The Black Keys
23. Rockaway Life feat. Justin Timberlake - Kenna
24. Shake A Fist - Hot Chip
25. One Less Day - Dâm-Funk

Amplified Grammar Presents The Alternative Vol. 1

Most of the names are probably unfamiliar, but this is your homie Amp. When have you known me to give y'all some weak shit? Trust me, I got you lol. Vol. 2 is already locked and loaded but I figured I'd throw this out and see what you guys think, so if you're feeling the comp, drop a comment and let me know.


Pago aka I survived a tsunami said...

Dope post because its truth.

Aside from all the hip hop I listen to on a daily basis. I also listen to other genres. Mainly Rock and Reggae.

AmpGeez said...

I listen to a buncha different shit & I'm tired of keeping it to myself lol.

I've got some Reggae lined up for Vol. 2.