Monday, August 31, 2009

Drake And Trey Songz - Successful (Video)

Very bromantic.

Rosa Acosta & Co., jumping around making things jiggle > This.

Songs still dope though. This version (sans Lil' Wayne) can be found on Trey Songz new album, Ready, as well as on the retail release of So Far Gone. I personally think the OG is superior but this version ain't that far off.


geico lizard said...

co-sign everything you said about the original Amp. Its a catchy hook. I dont know if Drakes buzz can help Trey Songz sell albums.

AmpGeez said...

I think Trey Songz buzz can help Trey Songz sell albums.

Dude's been working hard these past couple years and he's gotta nice little fanbase out there.

Pusha K said...

I actually like Trey's runs that he added to the song and the new bridge he added. But realisticly there are about 5 other R&B cats that could have done a better performance.