Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drake - The Winner

I guess it's safe to say we're past "next", Drake is the big thing NOW. There is no other new Hip-Hop artist with as much buzz or as consistent of an output and this first look from his Young Money/Universal debut, Thank Me Later, is pretty much more of the same. Produced by Tha Bizness, "The Winner" is a declaration of his new found status; a thank you to all the people who helped get him there and a "fuck you" to the haters who said he'd never make it. It's also an exhibition of his wit and skill as an MC. No singing on this one...

Alotta people sayin' fuck me, problem is they be tellin' everybody but me,
But I, always got a Starbuck's verse being brewed,
Too hot, please, please, double cup me
They never gave me support like Chuck T's and I never trust a nigga sayin' "Trust Me"
Nick Cannon and Will never did it this ill, so you tell the house band don't you dare interrupt me

Can't wait for the haters to try and shred this one. Me? I just fuck with good music.

You can grab the "unofficial" Heartbreak Drake 2 mixtape here

1. Drake Signs (Intro)
2. Do It Now
3. Juice
4. The Winner
5. Slow It Down
6. Something
7. Stunt On You
8. Belly Shit
9. The One (Mary J Blige)
10. Invented Sex (Trey Songz)
11. Digital Girl (Jamie Foxx & Kanye West)
12. Successful f. Trey Songz
13. Unstoppable f. Lil Wayne & Santogold
14. Goin In f. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy
15. Take You Down
16. Best I Ever Had (rmx) f. Ma$e
17. Thank Me Later Coming Soon (Outro)

Gaffled from ONSmash

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