Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, not really. More like "I'm moving". Things are gonna be slowing down around Amplified Grammar for the next month or so. I'm about to move the fam from Brooklyn back to Harlem and with that and some extra hours at the gig, new posts will be sporadic. Don't fret though, I'll be back to buisness sometime this summer, with some surprises. For all those who have come thru my doors, I appreciate it. My little corner of the interweb ain't much, but it's mine and I'm gonna continue to improve as a writer and keep weeding thru the BS to bring y'all the dopeness. Y'all come back now, ya hear?


geico lizard said...

Stay positive and this site and your life will keep moving in the right direction. Ill email you right now about next week.

Rea-Rea said...

this blog is awsome! even if it dosen't seem like much. ever since i first came across it i been a fan since.