Friday, June 19, 2009

Max B. Found Guilty

"Never Wanna Go Back"

Rapper Max B. was found guilty on nine out of the 11 charges he was accused of, including murder, conspiracy and robbery. He faces 25 years in prison. (June 9)

Yeah, I'm mad late with this, partially due to the fact the hours I'm working are crazy and I haven't had the time, but a part of me is really saddened by the verdict. Over the years, I've grown fond of the character that is Max B..`I've seen alot of cats taking shots at Max and that's to be expected. Afterall, this is the internet and anybody with internet access can say whatever they want. If he is in fact guilty, he deserves whatever sentence the judge sees fit, but it's a shame and a waste, cause Max is definitely a talented writer/rapper who couldn't quite make the transition from the streets to the rap game and it may potentially cost him not only his career but the rest of his life behind bars. That shit ain't wavy.

Hold ya' head, Max.

Bonus: A couple of video's that have been released in the aftermath of the verdict...

A Letter From Max B....

Open Letter From Max B Addressed To Family, Friends, & Fans from on Vimeo.

Max B.'s First Interview Since The Verdict...

Max B's First Interview From Behind Bars from on Vimeo.


glizard said...

*plays young jeezys "welcome back"*
I know what you mean about the crazy work hours. The max b hate online is high right now. I dont know if he did it but even if I did I wouldnt celebrate online like some of these people.

AmpGeez said...

LOL Not quite back yet. Posting will still be erratic but I'm gonna try & stop through at least once a day. And yeah, the Max hate is peaking right now. It's only cats that are too immature or too far removed from the streets that would see this as the opportune time clown a man who's never coming home, regardless of the circumstances. Fuck boys.