Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Women I'd Wife: Keyshia Cole

I've been kinda resistant to the changes Keyshia Cole has been going through, but at this point, I'm done resisting. Keysh looks amazing. As long as she doesn't lose that ghetto streak, she's still perfect wifey material. Boobie Gibson needs to worry about helping the Cav's win a ring instead of chasing Keyshia around.

"Chill shorty, let me do that" (c) B.I.G.

That is all. No music, no interesting point to make. Nope. I just wanted to post this pic of a beautiful woman. Do I really need an excuse?


geico lizard said...

She has matured alot in her attitude and appearance so I co-sign her being wifey material now. Jeezy lost.

AmpGeez said...

Jeezy lost.
Werd up. You don't just toss joints like Ms. Cole aside lol.
She's a Diamond Girl fa sho.