Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tony Yayo Ft. Boosie - Cadillac

This is off of Tony Yayo's latest drop, The Swine Flu, but I'm posting this one because of the closeout verse from (Lil'?) Boosie. Not that there's anything wrong with Yayo's bars, but the track begs for a southern rapper (they shoulda swapped one of Yayo's verses for a 16 from Young Buck) and Boosie just murks that last verse somethin' awful. Sometimes it takes a while for me to really "hear" a song and even though this song has been out for a minute, it wasn't untill I was scanning Yayo's tape that I heard what I hadn't after listening to it plenty of times prior. The tinge of pain and perservence mixed with some good ol' southern thuggin'.
...It's drama, gotta be here to feed Mama
Believe in Jesus, not Barack Obama
Thirty bitches, ten niggas when we roll, so that's three a piece
One for you, one for me, gun for you, gun for me

And it's not so much the words, but the way he spits em. I know the big homie Gotty™ has been screamin this for a minute, but the way Boosie puts emotion into his music is almost Pac like. As far as the Trill Entertainment stable, I always thought Webbie was the best rapper of the bunch but Boosie is slowly gaining my respect and I can't ignore the way the South reps for him.

Quietly, dude's put out a gang of mixtape material over the past 2 years so you definitely have to repect his grind. He had a big single with "Zoom" off of his first album, Bad Azz and got some shine on Webbie's "Independant" and the only song off Jeez's The Recession they didn't make a video for, "Everything", but for some reason he's pretty much remained a minor player in the greater Hip-Hop landscape. Here's to hoping his upcoming album, Superbad, can change that

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geico lizard said...

This east coast/south collabo needs to happen more and I think the economy will help it. Lloyd Banks laid back flow and 50 said on his first album that he sounds southern sometimes. Young Buck has to get back in the good graces of 50.

I never was down for the NYC versus the south noise. There are too many hot beats in the south and talented rappers in NYC for it not to pop off more.