Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rick Ross - Cigar Music (I Do It) (Video)

Fascinated with foreign felines since I was knee high
This cigar got me buzzin' like a beehive
Fuck my old chick, I'm ridin with my new thing
In her blue jeans, panties like shoestrings
Most wanted, I'm Bin Laden on a beat nigga
Rubberband jeans saggin on my feet nigga
100 grand for the wagon and her feet nigga
black flaggin', just braggin I'm a street nigga
On the grind, little rappers wanna eat with us
Tryin' to shine like Birdman teeth glitters
VMA, find time just to creep wit her
So coincidental, walkin' down the street wit her
My loose cheese scooped up the Gucci
In 2 weeks I flew thru the boutiques
She get a time limit when I let her go and shop
Cruisin' in the car, clip the cuban at the top
Nggas know that my tec's explode
Down to go toe to toe before Techmo Bowl
Biggest boss in the game, chatter, I nevermind that
Cause if it mattered C-Murder would go Diamond
I reflect as im ridin in a Rolls Royce
Get respect cause I give these hoes no choice

The illest song on the album...that's not actually on the album.

P.S. I would post the track but the last time I tried that, Blogger took it down. "Cigar Music" is the iTunes bonus track from Deeper Than Rap. A little Google work and you should be able to track it down if you haven't already.


geico lizard said...

The song is so hot that any video they did would work.

AmpGeez said...

But the cat on the hook is turrible lol.

The guy singing on the OG is better.