Friday, May 1, 2009

My Public Apology...

First off, I want to apologize to all the patrons of Amplified Grammar (Hi Mom!) as well as apologize to some of the artists I've written about in the past, but specifically J. Cole, who was featured a few posts down.. That post was a really generic, blah, blah, blah, rush piece. Some high shit. I mean...

"I will say this. I got fam in Fayetteville & this is not the type of MC I'd expect to come outta North Carolina. Dudes got lyrics & that alone is reason enough to check for his music."

I mean, what is that? Ever heard of Little Brother? Justus League? And what do my country cousins have to do with anything (except my fondness for barbeque & drinking Kool-Ade out of mayonaise jars, but who doesn't do that? lol). Plus, I don't think lyrical is the word to really describe dude's appeal. Yeah, he's lyrical, but on The Come Up you get to see J. Cole's not a regular "mixtape rapper". Dude knows how to make songs. Aside from producing a good portion of his material, Cole has a versatility on the mic that easily seperates him from the rest of the pack of new rappers vying for a slot on your iTunes. I've heard comparisons to Drake & Big Sean, but if I were to compare J. Cole to anyone, it'd probably be Blu.

Peep this joint off The Come Up (which if you haven't downloaded by now just based on pure curiosity, I'd have to question why you even stop by here in the first place. Not trying to be rude to my guests, but in my house, when you're invited to dinner, it's impolite not to sit down at the table & eat. Or at least take a plate home lol. But enough of this rant...)

"Lifestyles of the young, black and genius
Son strapped with guns packed in jeans
And the blunts got my lungs black as Jesus
Played where killas hung at and slung crack for leisure
And tell a nigga run that, get gunclapped for sneakers
Young niggas emulate whats comin' out the speakers
So everything we learn came from rappers, not teachers
Cause if we can't relate then how the hell you gon' reach us
Surrounded by crooked cops and preachers, who am I trustin'
No time to think about illegal when your stomach's touchin'
By any means, nigga, even if the gun is bustin'
I see the world for what it is now
I see the odds is lookin' slim for our kids now, cause uh,
It wasn't set up for my people to rise
My niggas slang, but I see the pain deep in they eyes
Niggas livin' like they don't give a fuck
And I don't blame em', it's a cold world, live it up
Live it up, nigga"

Lil Ghetto Nigga (Produced By J. Cole)

The more I listen to that mixtape, the more I started to really see that with the right machine behind him, J. Cole is gonna be a problem. Looking forward to The Warm Up.

But now you see my point. That previous write up wasn't thought out. It was just thrown up @ the spur of the moment. Bullshit. The artist deserves better & so do you guys. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm doing around here but I know doing half ass posts isn't it. My bad, y'all.

Edit: Might as well combine these two posts...

J Cole - The Warm Up (trailer) from bbgun on Vimeo.

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