Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lifestyles Of The Infamous...

Mobb Deep has gotten a bad rap in the past few years. Make that 10 years. Many of the criticism is well deserved. I choose to ignore "Hey Luv" & forget Blood Money ever happened. For me, Prodigy & Havoc will forever remain those two 20 year old kids from Queensbridge who had the Hennessy shirts on in the "Shook Ones" video.

Born & raised in New York, Mobb Deep was my N.W.A. and The Infamous was my Straight Outta Compton. Here's to the hope that when Prodigy comes home from prison, him and Hav can go in the studio & come up with some music that can recapture some of that early glory and make me forget about some of their musical missteps since Murda Muzik. Here's to the good ol' days.

Mobb Deep Demo Tape (1994)

Give Up The Goods(Original Feat Big Noyd)
Hectic(Original Feat Big Twin)
Its Alright(Feat Big Noyd)
Keepin It Real(AZ Sample)
Lifestyles Of The Infamous
Light Em Up(Feat Big Noyd)
Survival Of The Fittest(Original)
The Bridge 94′(Feat Big Noyd)
Up North Trip(Original Feat Illa Ghee aka General G)

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geico lizard said...

That first album was nice. I remember I was the only person I knew with that tape down here. Quiet Storm was the first single I heard in every rotation down here.