Saturday, May 2, 2009

Killa Season Is Upon Us...

Cookin' Up (2min Snippet)

"I spend a grip in bars, diamond studded, vicious cars
The hoes? Ask Joe, we audition ours
I hope you make the cut, pop your puss, move your butt
Ruga her, think we from Houston how we screwed her up"


Let's Talk About (Feat. Jadakiss)

The beat choice puzzles me because Black Milk 's "Losing Out" featuring Royce The 5'9" off of 2008's, Tronic uses the same sample ("Let's Talk About Me" performed by The Alan Parsons Project) that's flipped here and it's a better song then Cam's version. Much better. Like Magic Johnson had AIDS & now he doesn't better. Not to say "Let's Talk About It" doesn't have it's moments. It's a different song & the actual beat is pretty simple compared to Black Milk's, lacking alot of the elements that made "Losing Out" such a great track. Cam rips it with quotables through out, like this gem...
The faucet leaked it, I don't play with leaks
Song get played early, break his teeth
I'm a fuck the nigga up that made this beat
Two piece, dope fiend, straight to sleep"

I never thought I'd say this. I mean, I've heard some average verses from Kiss in the past. Hey, his 16 on Busta's "Respect My Conglomerate" is the worst on the song, but it's still not a bad verse. Just very average for an MC of Jada's caliber. But the verse he snarls out on this song is easily one of his worst. Cam would've been better off throwing J-Hood an old leather & a half ounce of sour to kick a freestyle.
"I'ma keep it a hunnid, these niggas they don't want it
Either a head shot or a bullet to the stomach
If you live, you never fully recover from it
If you die, we gon' pop bottles til we vomit
And nah, we don't wear diamonds, we rock comets
My money came illegally, fuck it, at least I'm honest"

Really Jada?


All in all, I'm looking forward to Crime Pays. Do I expect this new album to catapult Cam back to stardom? Nah, not likely. Nothing I've heard thus far is as catchy as his biggest hit, "Oh Boy". Not even close. I don't even think that's his focus right now. The production is decidedly low budget, just like the promotion. To be real, all of his videos look like Cam spent more on the outfits he wore in them then the actual videos themselves. But that's part of the appeal this time around. Absurd and ignorant as he might come off (none), Cam is still a sharp lyricist with a clever wit and such a unique frame of reference that he manages to basically spit the same shit without it ever getting tired. The leaked tracks range from misogynistic odes to the opposite sex ("Caveman", "Bottom Of The Pussy Hole') and his second home ("I Used To Get It In Ohio") to everyman tales("I Hate My Job") and stuff you're likely to hear jamming out of any hole in the wall club in the South ("Cookies & Apple Juice"). All I'm expecting is more of the same.

Crime Pays in stores May 12th.

The question is, will you?

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