Sunday, May 17, 2009

Freedom Of Speech

If you have ever listened to a Freeway song, you kinda know what to expect. High powered (and high pitched) flows packed with tales of the crime life, but balanced by Freeway's spiritual side (Freeway is a devout Muslim). Now, the 1st Philadelphia Freeway was mostly produced by "Super Producer" Just Blaze (No Solarr) and the result was the near perfect marriage of street infused lyrics over larger than life productions. The word "Classic" gets thrown round very loosely nowadays, but if you were to call Philadelphia Freeway a classic, I'd be inclined to agree with you.

After a brief hiatus (four years spent on the bench) Free's 2nd album, Free At Last was finally released on Roc-A-Fella Records in 2007. Although it wasn't as commercially successful as his 1st album (Just Blaze is conspicuousy absent from the production credits), Free At Last was still generally well recieved by fans and crtics alike. Then came last year's Month Of Madness, where Freeway released a new song everyday for 31 days. Pretty effective, even though monotony started to set in midway through, Free remains engaging, even when the content in his music becomes redundant.

This week, Freeway's new album, Philadelphia Freeway 2, leaked to the internet. First off, I hate sequels to great albums. They usually fail to live up to the name, with very few exceptions (Red & Meth's Blackout! 2 being one of them, but we'll get to that later on in the week). What's worse, it seems Free has finally parted ways with Def Jam, seeing that this latest album is to be released on Real Talk Entertainment. Now I wouldn't call Philadelphia Freeway 2 a bad album, but it fails to follow the track record of consistency set by Free's previous efforts. It's less of an album and more like an effort to fill the gap untill Month Of Madness 2 and Free's upcoming album with producer Jake One, The Stimulus Project.

There was another album slated to drop on Roc-A-Fella before PF2 was announced to the public. Freeway even leaked a bunch of songs from Freedom Of Speech to the web. I've decided to compile those leaked songs, along with a few other tracks that have been floating around the web and I think they make for a pretty good listen, if I say so myself. My suggestion? Download these songs and along with Month Of Madness and PF2, you can actually put together a pretty good Freeway album.

Freedom Of Speech

1. Freedom Of Speech
2. Hustlers Life
3. Baby Back
4. Bread & Butter
5. Love 2 Ball
6. Change
7. How I Feel
8. A 2 B
9. Hustlaz Prayer
10. Livin' My Life (feat. Gillie Da Kid)
11. Reparation (feat. Lloyd Banks)
12. The Revolution
13. Nobody's Fool

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